10 Tips For Finding International Talent

With the work culture shifting from physical offices to working from home for most industries, companies are shifting their focus from local recruitment to global employment. International talent hunting offers the advantage of hiring top-notch candidates for relevant job profiles. However, hiring an international workforce is not without challenges – companies must consider multiple factors while hiring a candidate, including language, culture, time zones, experience, etc.

With a rise in work-from-home jobs, people have carved a cozy nook in their homes to work online. But considering the dynamic job market, professionals are ever ready to look for better job opportunities. Naturally, retaining employees and hiring promising candidates with the right skills and experience is the need of the hour for global companies.

Here are ten tips for finding international talent for a successful venture ahead. 

  • Chalk out a smart hiring strategy

The foremost requirement for international hiring is a well-structured hiring and onboarding plan. Since there are numerous legal complexities involved in the process, it’s best to consult with legal professionals and plan your hiring strategy for different countries accordingly. After ironing out the legal compliance requirements, identify the roles that require international expertise. 

The next step is to create a detailed onboarding plan, laying out the necessary steps. It will include the job advertisement, selection process, interview sessions, evaluation criteria, etc. Such a plan assures that your recruits have a smooth transition. 

  • Know the compliance laws

One of the first things to consider while hiring foreign employees is the country’s compliance regulations and recruitment laws from where you are hiring. The key things you must be mindful of include income tax laws, social security contributions, mandatory paid leaves, compensations & benefits, working hours, etc. 

You can get complete and updated information on the country’s laws by contacting the foreign embassy. This will help you avoid legal troubles in the future. 

Education centers are the talent hubs harboring numerous talented and skilled candidates. So, you can partner with esteemed global universities, colleges, and academic institutions to directly interview and recruit candidates. Accordingly, you can conduct on-campus interviews and hire promising students immediately after their course completion. It is an excellent way to attract emerging talent. 

  • Hire remote interns

If geographical limitations are not a concern while recruiting candidates, you can consider hiring remote interns worldwide. This strategy is great for departments (for example, finance, marketing & sales, management, etc.) that can function with a limited pool of full-time employees.

Hiring remote interns allows you to evaluate their performance and skills and select the best candidates for full-time roles. This way, your organization creates a talent pool without investing substantial time and money in training all candidates – you can pick the crème de la crème of the lot and focus your resources on them. 

  • Leverage the power of social media 

Global recruitment platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and other country-specific job websites do an excellent job attracting top talent from across industries. You must advertise your international profiles on these platforms along with a clear job description to attract the right talent. 

However, don’t stop your efforts there – use social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to your advantage. For instance, you can create engaging and exciting challenges for online users and ask them to participate if they feel they are a good fit for a particular profile in your company. It will increase your brand’s online engagement while also helping you land the most suitable candidates.

  • Brand it right

When searching for international talent, it is crucial to promote your brand name and ethos to the right audience. Since the competition is intense, with companies offering lucrative opportunities left and right, you must devise unique and innovative ways to market your brand.

Thus, spend considerable time creating the perfect brand outlook that highlights your mission, vision, goals, and company culture. Every company can offer employees hefty packages. However, not all can guarantee a conducive work environment. Professionals value employee-centric companies – they want to work for organizations invested in employee growth and development. So, make sure to brand your company right. 

  • Tap into your international network

Organizations functioning globally have contacts spread throughout the globe. Hence, they can dive into their strong network across countries to connect with people who can take their talent hunt in the right direction. 

So, when looking for a specific role, make sure to spread the word throughout your international network. You never know who might help you pull the right strings! For instance, your business partners, vendors, and even employees can make referrals and help you bag reliable candidates. 

Additionally, you can advertise job vacancies in international talent hunts and conventions. Give away referral bonuses or rewards to anyone who makes credible recommendations. These events are usually a talent honeypot where skilled individuals advertise their skills and experiences to multiple companies. 

  • Add relocation package details

When advertising for an international profile, it is crucial to mention the specifics of your relocation package. Highlight the adaptation tips, financial support for relocation, travel costs for on-site visits, visa service assistance, etc. As an employer, you must also assure that you’ll take care of all immigration-related hassles. Unless the candidate feels that you care for your employees and value genuine talent, they might bypass you for better opportunities.

  • Become a part of global Slack communities

Professionals and employers everywhere know about the importance of Slack in their daily grind. After all, this nifty tool fosters remote communication, collaboration, management, and integration – all through its centralized dashboard. However, did you know that there are dedicated Slack communities for sourcing global talent?

Some of the most popular Slack communities are DataQuest, ML AI, The Designership, Online Geniuses, Buffer, Safe Network, Product Manager HQ, Product School, Mind The Product, #Developers. Make sure to hunt your industry-specific channels and actively look for suitable matches for the job profiles you want to hire for. 

  • Be inclusive

In this age, employers should strive to create an inclusive workspace where people from all backgrounds get equal opportunities to learn and grow. You can rethink your hiring strategies to make them more inclusive. For instance, assess your existing teams to determine their diversity based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, etc. 

A diverse team speaks of your company culture to prospective candidates – it shows them that you offer equal opportunities to all and welcome people from different walks of life. Moreover, by diversifying your team, you will get a talent pool from different social, cultural, and economic backgrounds. It will give you access to unique ideas, solutions, approaches, and perspectives on doing things. 

Summing Up

The best way to attract skilled and talented people is to build a healthy company culture. Today, employee satisfaction is of utmost importance since companies globally are ready to shell out hefty packages to deserving candidates. So, if you are not innovative in your hiring and retention strategies, someone else might just swoop in and take away your best prospects. 

Start with a strong foundation and follow these ten tips to design a stellar global employment talent hunt!

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