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10 ways to keep your sofa clean.

Soft comfortable sofas belong to the category of long-familiar everyday furniture. You can’t find a house that doesn’t have it. This is everyone’s favorite furniture that creates comfort and coziness in the house. Reading a book, watching TV, or just drinking a cup of coffee is much more pleasant sitting on your favorite couch. The sofa is the thing that we use every day, so soon the task of cleaning the sofa will appear. This is getting more difficult if you have small kids or pets in the house. So, here’re some tips on how to keep the sofa clean. 

  1. Try to cover your sofa with blankets. 

This method is so common across to those who can’t give time for cleaning. When you cover your sofa with a blanket, the dust is sitting on the blanket, and what you do is just wash this blanket and cover it again. Agree, this is a very useful lifehack for those who don’t have time for everyday cleaning or don’t have too many guests. Just notice that the blanket should be the color and style which your interior. 

  1. Vacuum your sofa.

This will help you to rid of the dust which is so important. Also vacuum the pillows, if you have one, because they are part of your sofa, and dusty as much as the sofa.  

  1. Wash the case of the sofa and pillows.

If you have kids, you can control every step of them to keep your house clean. The probability of pollution of your sofa is high. So, if you can remove the case of your sofa, do it and wash it. Also, don’t forget about pillows.

  1. Make space like a soft bed for your pets.

If you have pets, make a place for their sleep. Our pets usually like to sleep on the couch, especially cats. Make some comfortable place for them, it can be on the sofa also, if your sofa is big. And this way you will avoid their fur.

  1. Use a lint roller for the hair of your pets. 

If your pets get used to sleeping on the couch, you probably will have a problem with their fur, especially when the material of your sofa is not leather. So, use a lint roller to remove the fur of the sofa. Do it regularly. 


  1. Avoid stains. 

It is advisable to prevent the spilled liquid from penetrating deep into the fibers, and therefore the stain should be removed immediately using an absorbent material (paper towels and cotton fabrics absorb well). You do not need to press hard, just the stain will get wet with a cloth in the direction from its edges to the center.

  1. Avoid chemical materials. 

If it is not possible to remove the stain with a paper towel, then it is recommended to use salt and baking soda, providing an “absorbing” effect. These products are poured onto the stain and left on for 20-30 minutes, after which they are removed with a vacuum cleaner. This is the method for the “fresh spot”.

  1. Use a claw frame for your pets.

Usually, pets like to play, and during the game, they sometimes can damage the soft furniture. Dogs chew the pillows and the cats damage the sofa with claws. So, make a place for them and buy toys, and they can’t damage your soft furniture. 

  1. Be careful with the sofa before moving. 

If you decide to move to a new house you need to take the furniture with you or at least sell it. It will be better if you call a moving service. Because either while you are cleaning the home or preparing to move you can seriously damage furniture. So, the professional moving service will help you to avoid these kinds of problems.

  1. Change pillows.

You can change the pillows sometimes. This will make your sofa look new and fresh. Changing the case color of the pillows or changing them at all will be the best way to feel new things in your house and will give the freshness of your sofa.

 In conclusion, if the sofa is not very dirty, you can clean it yourself, but if in such cases large deep stains remain, use the cleaning service. The professional cleaning services know exactly what needs to be done, they will be able to put your sofa in full order in a matter of hours. You can, of course, try to remove the stains yourself, but if your sofa is light-colored, it will be almost impossible to remove the stain from the juice or wine. 

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