13 Amazing Apps to Market Your Company on Instagram

Instagram marketing has advanced from the very beginnings Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia of Instagram where users simply snapped a picture with the app and then added filters. Today, there are whole apps that specialize in editing photos! For help in navigating the various apps, you’ll need to help your business appear stunning on social media Here are the top apps to promote your company on Instagram!

The Best Photo Editing Software for Instagram

The first thing to remember is that in order to make it successful on Instagram you must be posting amazing photos. These apps for editing photos can help you apply filters, alter the brightness and even smooth to remove any imperfections on the background.

VSCO Cam: Didn’t you realize that #vsco is the most used hashtag for brands on Instagram? It’s not without reason! This powerful, free image editing application available for iOS or Android is ideal for Instagram and, aside from the free filters, there’s an abundance of filters and photo packs that are available for purchase. It’s the application you’ll want make use of for moody pictures such as nature shots, selfies and just about everything in between.

Snapseed: This no-cost application for editing photos developed by Google can be used to touch the specific areas of your photograph. It is available on iOS and Android but the filters aren’t as great as VSCO however the editing tools are more effective. For instance, “selective adjust” lets you lighten or darken certain areas of your photos while the brush tool allows you to make use of your fingers to alter the exposure and saturation as well as temperature (perfect for beach photos in which you only want the water to appear slightly bluer). An Acolor Story If you’re looking to make vivid and vibrant photos then this app is the one ideal for you. It is free for iOS This app by the creators of A Beautiful Mess was created specifically to work with colors. If you’re looking for vibrant colors, then it’s the most effective app for you. There are no cost filters however, the photo packs you can purchase are also worth it!

Line Camera: Available Line Camera: available on iOS and Android Line Camera: available on both iOS and Android, it’s the perfect app to take selfies! Selfies may not apply to all businesses however for bloggers and creatives excellent selfies are crucial to boosting your personal image. Line Camera’s front camera won’t “flip” the image around as does the iPhone camera and so what you get when you open your mobile is exactly what you see (and I believe it’s better at of taking clear pictures). It is a must to use the camera for this case! The app is also responsible for a number of famous Photoshop failures, so be sure to utilize the face editing and body slimming tools with care!

Foodie By Line Camera If your company is related to food (or you simply enjoy snapping food pictures) This application to iOS and Android can help you create the perfect food-related photo. If you’re taking photos on your plate the white bar will change yellow to signal you’re camera’s straight and level. In addition, they’ve filters that are specifically for different kinds of drinks and food.

Layouts by Instagram Layout by Instagram: If you’d like to upload a collage to Instagram This app, which is free to iOS and Android allows you to combine several photos into one image that you can upload to Instagram. It allows you to choose up to 9 photos and you can easily tag your friends on Instagram as well! Here is the download link for iOS and from here to download for Android.

Top Graphic Design Apps for Instagram

The addition of text to your pictures Instagram. Adding text to photos Instagram helps you convey your message in a short time and without the need to wait for that your followers will read your post. These apps are simple to use to create stunning photos, and can be very useful in the context of Instagram to promote business.

Over It is the most effective application for creating shareable social media photos It’s also available on iOS as well as Android. I’m obsessed with it! The application is free, however it’s well worth the “big bundle” to get many powerful features such as cropping your photo to the ideal size to use on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. One of the greatest options is the ability to apply opacity to an image, which allows you to apply dark layers to make your text stand out. There is also integrated with Unsplash photographs, so you can search for free stock images with text or artwork, cut it down, and then upload it!

Quick: Another application from the Over team The Quick app is a no-cost iOS application that allows you to simply put text in your images. This is great if would like to add a quote or slogan to your image prior to posting it on Instagram. There are a variety of fantastic default fonts and affirm the fact that Quick is “the most efficient app to add text to imagesCanva is available for iPad: Canva takes it’s well-known graphic design web application and makes it available as an iPad application to allow you to create photos on the go. This app is perfect for business owners planning to create social media-related graphics, publish the flyer for an upcoming event on Instagram or take advantage of their library of photographs that are available for purchase.

The Best Apps to help with Instagram Management

You can take the quality of your Instagram marketing up a notch using these apps that will help you plan Instagram posts, monitor your results, and then browse your feed.

Iconosquare is a great choice when it comes to Instagram analytics, Iconosquare is a free web-based application that is loved by marketers. You can create your analytics dashboard, and monitor the growth in followers and engagement levels, and you can also track the most frequent times to post are.

Latergramme: Do you want to speed up managing your Instagram marketing? Latergramme is a website-based app that is compatible both iOS as well as Android to allow you to schedule posts across several Instagram accounts, work with your team members, and look over the content of your Instagram feed. Auto-posting violates Instagram’s rules of service (and could result in your account being removed! ) Latergramme will send your mobile with a push notification when it’s time to publish

like to know:It: This web-based application is specifically designed for bloggers who wish to earn commissions from followers who purchase their Instagram outfits. Bloggers add a URL to their Instagram caption. And for those followers who have registered, they get the email with links that allow them to buy their style after having “liked” the photo. For now, the feature is only available to bloggers who are part of the RewardStyle network.

The Best Apps to Make Instagram Videos:

Do you want to make a quick Instagram video to add to your feed? Here are some apps that can aid you in editing on your smartphone, no matter where you are!

Hyperlapse from Instagram This free iOS application buymalaysianfollowers lets you quickly create time-lapse video clips on your phone , which can then be uploaded to Instagram. These videos are composed of still images that are taken over a specific time frame, which are combined and then sped up as video (you decide the speed you want to use). It also includes image stabilization, meaning that you do not have to be concerned about holding your hands in a perfect position.

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