3 Low-Cost Ways to Set Up a Video Studio

Do you want to make quality videos without breaking the bank? People believe that they can only shoot quality videos using high-end gear. Expensive equipment is not necessarily needed, especially when you have a budget to stick to. All you need is essential equipment according to your budget, and you are good to go. Furthermore, you must have a knack for video creation. Remember, high-end equipment would not help you if you do not have good ideas for making a video. 

Here are three ways to create a video studio on any budget:

Choose the essential equipment.

It is necessary to have the right gadgets for a video recording studio. Purchasing a good-quality camera could be expensive. However, you can always use your smartphone as an alternative. Companies like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and OnePlus have introduced high-power cameras to their smartphones. You can quickly shoot quality videos using your smartphone itself.

Individuals with a higher budget for their video studio might invest in SLR and DSLR cameras for higher definition in their video quality. These cameras add distinct dimensions to your video and enhance the video quality. 

It would help if you remembered that smartphones have limited space, and you will be required to transfer data from time to time. You can share them on your computer or store them on an external hard drive. Remember to delete the files from your computer too. Though the computer’s storage capacity is high, feeding in more and more videos can reduce its speed. 

When creating an audio-video recording studio, you must also focus on the audio recording instruments that would be used. The most essential piece of equipment you should invest in is a microphone. This would provide a clear voice quality in your videos. If you plan to shoot in an open area, you can use shotgun mics for sound recording. These mics would help you avoid external noises and record the video sound perfectly. 

Buy a tripod

After selecting the equipment you will shoot with, you must ensure that the videos are stable. Getting a tripod would help you stabilize your video. It would also help you keep your hands free. The tripod you buy will depend on the camera you will use.

You can design a tripod at your home itself. You can place the camera on a stack of books, or even a chair could do the trick. It might get a little tricky, though, if you want to adjust the height of the stand. It would be best to ensure your homemade tripod is well-balanced. Remember, if your camera slips, its lens will be damaged. 

There is a wide range of tripods to select from on the market for individuals that have a higher budget. The tripods available on the market are sturdier, and you can easily adjust their height and angle according to your needs.

In the case of an audio-video recording studio, you can purchase a microphone stand, pop filter, headphones, and studio monitors.

Professional Background and Light Source

The background sets the tone of your video. Are you filming a professional or corporate video? Is the video funny and friendly? Having the correct setup is essential for a video studio. If you have a smaller budget, you can use the backgrounds you already have. Fairy lights, photo frames, neutral-colored walls, or bookshelves often do the trick. You can further decorate these with a few planters and candles to make the videos look more aesthetic.

For individuals with a higher budget, you can invest in a backdrop. A variety of reasonably priced backdrops are available in the market.

Lighting is another very crucial aspect of a video studio. Poor lighting always makes a video look unappealing and unprofessional. Natural light is always the best. You can shoot videos during the daytime and sit in an area with direct natural light. Or, if you have a medium budget, you can always invest in a ring light available on the market. These are budget-friendly and can work as tripods as well! You can always invest in a few softboxes for bigger budgets to minimize any harsh shadows from the video.

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