4 Mindful Practices To Find Your Purpose In Life

Have you ever experienced a time where you ask yourself what your purpose in life is? Have you figured out the answer? For many people who have the same question, a life-long experience is not enough to get an answer (or one that they are happy with). 

Maybe the reason why it’s hard for you to figure out what your purpose in life is is that you don’t really slow down and take the time to think about it. Try to ask yourself first, what are the things you’re doing to reach to answer. Is it the act of worshipping and having a strong spiritual perspective or is it with the guidance of a mentor that helps you live peacefully?

For many other people, they might ask themselves, why is it important to know anyway? Living life in a routine might veer you away from thinking of important questions that give meaning to your life. If you’re doing the same thing every single day, you might be questioning what makes your life more meaningful than others.

The thing is, each person has a purpose and you might not just figure out what yours is yet. And so, if you want to live a more fulfilling life, here are some mindful things to do to find out what your purpose is:


Spend Time Away From Work

One of the things that might be preventing you from being reflective of your life is being busy with work. Keeping your head on the heavy workload and chaos of your professional life can be a hindrance to having a healthy headspace. 

A sound mind will give you the ability to make better decisions and more mindful thoughts that can be helpful for you and your future endeavors. Not only does this improve your relationship with yourself but it allows you to be closer to the people around you as well.

At the end of the day, the key to better judgments is a mind that is at peace and well-rested.


Enjoy Quality Time Alone

For many people, being alone is often equated to loneliness. In fact, this is far from true. Spending quality time alone can help you reflect on yourself and your life progress in general. It sets your mind away from distractions and pressure that might have been put by your environment. These distractions have an impact on the way you think.

Simple actions like journaling, going shopping, doing yoga, or eating in restaurants alone can help you be more comfortable with yourself and can give you the confidence in yourself to do things and make decisions.


Practice What You’re Good At

One of the best things to do to understand what your purpose in life is is understanding what you’re good at. Are you good at writing? Public speaking? Singing? Or painting? All these skills are valid skills and can be developed through time. If you’re good at something, take your time and commit to practicing them.

For many people, they don’t get to actually do what they’re good at on a daily basis. Maybe it’s because they have to make ends meet and earn better in a job they have to do or fulfill what their parents have been wanting for them to achieve.

Being in a situation similar to this should not stop you from doing what you’re good at. Start a passion project, host a workshop, or practice doing them on weekends. Each time you do them can also be a step close to understanding what your purpose is and happiness in life.


Reflect On Your Experiences

The best way to experience personal growth and self-awareness is to reflect on the things that you experience regardless of how “big” they are. Each experience teaches you a lesson. Be it something you should do, something you should not do, or something you should say, they are all valid and important.

By reflecting on your experiences, you can also figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. This will lead to careful actions that promote positivity and further growth in the future.

You can also use your experiences in evaluating what your intentions are. Learning about your intentions can help determine the things and values that you deem important in your life. This makes you more conscious of your future thoughts and actions.


Key Takeaway

Finding your purpose in life is not an overnight thing to accomplish. It’s also not as easy as it seems. For many people, it can even be a life-long journey to be able to reach. Despite its complexity, you can start figuring out the true meaning of your life by practicing mindful actions that lead to self-awareness.

Being away from work, spending time alone, practicing the things you’re good at, and reflecting on your experiences will all lead to a deeper judgment of yourself by yourself. 

And although it might take some time, these practices can also help you grow as a better person with a thoughtful mind,

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