5 Awesome Features of Practice Fusion Software in Health IT

Today more and more healthcare providers are implementing an EHR system to manage their patients’ records. However, the crucial aspect is not using a health recording solution; it is selecting the right EHR features. With a whole lot of features included in a health IT product, deciding the ones that really fit in your workflow and let you improve practice efficiency becomes challenging. Firstly, The only way you can deal with this problem is by considering your organization’s unique workflow patterns, challenges, and long-term goals. In this article, we will explore one of the most budget-friendly EHR solutions we have on the market – Practice Fusion. Secondly, This post will also go about the top five most appreciated features attributed to this product. Keep on reading to learn more!

What do you need to know about Practice Fusion?    

Practice Fusion EMR offers a cloud-based unified health recording solution that connects providers, patients, and health information on the same platform. Moreover, This health IT product offers comprehensive features to let users streamline their daily clinical workflows, ensuring improved operational efficiency and better care quality for patients. Most importantly, It provides paperless service delivery to cater to the needs of small healthcare setups, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and legal medical groups all across the United States. 

Firstly, This EMR solution handles a variety of tasks, such as medication prescribing, scheduling, charting, labs & imaging, revenue cycle management, and more. Secondly, Users can access this solution on their iOS and Android mobile devices. Thirdly, The Practice Fusion user interface is user-friendly and intuitive and is built around a patient-centric designed theme. Most importantly, Their official website includes a knowledge base repository of frequently asked questions to help you get past any roadblocks. 

In addition, the vendor also offers various educational materials and webinars to reduce the learning curve and introduce new features to the entire clinical staff. The inclusion of patient access for improving patient engagement is one of the most highly appreciated aspects attributed to this cloud-based system. 

5 Practice Fusion EMR features you should check out

The Practice Fusion EHR software offers a number of useful features to help users optimize their practice efficiency. In this piece, we will cover the ones that have received perfect starred reviews from users. Read through to explore them!

  • Billing and payment

Billing is a breeze with Practice Fusion’s RCM tools. The software allows physicians to create superbills by automatically taking information from patient charts, while patients can update payment information and receive billing statements. This feature also verifies insurance providers and checks claims for errors before submission. 

The platform offers web-based medical billing software solutions that seamlessly integrate into your EHR. Moreover, you can record patient copays in your health recording system before, during, or after the patient encounter. 

  • Patient portal

The patient portal feature allows patients to access their medical information and view lab results at any time. It also provides population health information and education materials to help patients better understand their condition and treatment.

 Most importantly, patients can participate more actively throughout their care process by exchanging messages with providers and creating customized health plans. In addition, it allows patients to fill out customizable registration or intake forms directly from their patient portal and that information then flows directly into their charts, eliminating the need for double entry. 

  • Practice Fusion Charting

Practice Fusion software ensures efficient charting by offering specialty-specific templates and automatic favorite lists. It lets physicians search for diagnosis codes by keywords to monitor a patient’s treatment progress and health data over time. 

Clinicians can access thousands of medical charting templates designed by providers, and customize them to suit their unique workflows. They can select from a provider-specific list of prescriptions, frequently used diagnoses and pharmacies for less manual entry and quick charting. 

  • Appointment scheduling

Practice Fusion makes scheduling easier by letting patients manage appointments online. This feature saves physicians a lot of time and includes automatic appointment reminders regarding upcoming visits. 

Providers can automate patient data flow and reduce the overall burden of administrative tasks with the help of customizable scheduling tools. You can streamline your practice management and schedule right from your EHR without installing or downloading additional scheduling software. 

  • E-Prescribing of Practice Fusion

The electronic prescribing feature of Practice Fusion enables providers to order and send prescriptions anywhere. It manages pharmacy communication and medical orders electronically while taking care of refill requests with a two-click prescription refill tool. 

Physicians find this tool useful because it improves prescription accuracy with automatic drug-to-allergy and drug-to-drug interaction checks. Moreover, this e-prescribing for controlled substances allows them to submit common orders faster with frequent prescription lists and patient-specific templates. You can also evaluate this feature during the Practice Fusion demo. 

Why should you prefer Practice Fusion EMR?

  • The vendor connects physicians directly to laboratory and imaging centers of their choice. 
  • Practice Fusion reviews suggest that patients can easily view charts and contribute directly to their medical histories. 
  • It increases your practice revenue without compromising by using templates to speed up patient visits. 
  • This health IT platform meets certification requirements like Meaningful Use, ICD-10 codes, HIPAA, and ONC. It keeps a check on the medical industry for any changes and offers automatic updates. 
  • Practice Fusion cost is lower compared with other similar products on the market. Users can also receive one-on-one training to personalize the software. 
  • Physicians can get health analytics to recognize patient patterns and recommend accurate treatment plans. 

Final thoughts about Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to help your healthcare facility keep on being competitive. Healthcare providers choose to integrate their workflows with this health recording solution. A solution to conduct all their administrative, clinical, and billing tasks efficiently. But before you invest in this EHR system, we recommend you do the necessary leg-work, explore multiple user reviews, and compare its feature set with other similar products. To find out more about this product, you can book a Practice Fusion demo on FindEMR.

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