5 Best Weekend Getaways in Florida

Most people visit Florida paying attention to endless beaches, amusement parks, nightclubs, chic restaurants, and great shopping in the big cities. All of that is great and worth doing! Still, some tourists know that Florida’s nature has created unique sights that amaze the imagination. Those people choose parks, forests, and the underwater world. In this article, we offer a list of fascinating and noticeable places for weekend getaways that match the needs of any group, including both students and families with children. Start the trip with the option of car rental under 25 at Orlando airport. Come and get the perfect vehicle for your weekend. Get ready to have perfect days off.

Meet alligators 

It seems unbelievable, but there are many alligators in the Orlando neighborhood. For example, lake Apopka is an 11-minute drive away from downtown. Tourists can retrieve there, go hiking and meet a variety of wildlife. You will see alligators, birds, snakes, otters, lynxes, and more in their natural habitat from the comfort of their vehicles. If you like calm time spending, you can try fishing there. The location is rich in basses, sunfish, pickerels, and hybrid stripers. It may sound like a good plan for a weekend with a tasty dinner of fish. Gather a good team to join you, and run away from concrete jungles. Rent a car to drive safely and fast to your night stop and bring all the required things on the board. A rental car for young drivers is also possible but with additional surcharges. Clarify that ahead of your trip with your vehicle supplier.

Explore SeaWorld

Another option is to know the underwater world. The SeaWorld Orlando is an amusement park and zoo aquarium. It includes different attractions for you to get acquainted with the sea and its residents. Once you get to its territory, you can enjoy the Kraken roller coaster with several dead loops and the Journey to Atlantis on a boat. There, you will have a waterfall on your way, and you will be falling from the top of it. After that, visit the two-tier Wild Arctic Aquarium, where you can walk along the plain covered with artificial snow, meeting polar bears, walruses, and other Arctic inhabitants living in glass enclosures. You will also have the opportunity to watch a performance of dolphins and killer whales.

Jules Undersea Lodge 

Stay for a night in an unusual hotel. Why is this building unique? It is because that was previously used as a former underwater mobile laboratory. It is located at a depth of about 9 meters underwater in a small lagoon of the Key Largo underwater park. That is considered one of the best places for diving enthusiasts. Jules Undersea Lodge guests can observe the life of marine life right from the window of their room. Schools of colorful fish and manatees peeking through the windows – the underwater world of Key Largo opens up to tourists in all its glory. There are all the necessary amenities: air conditioning, hot water, kitchen, TV, and even Wi-Fi and a diving pizza delivery service! The only thing that the place is for visitors older than 10 years and requires a diving certificate. You can use your own or undergo appropriate training directly there and receive a new diving certificate. Check it out!

Devil’s den

A hole in the ground opens the entrance to the cave, where there is a beautiful lake 22 meters deep. Factually, that is a pool that is fed from an underground source. The water is warm. On cold days the steam comes out of the hole. Hence the name of this place is Devil’s Den. Thousands of years ago, the upper part of the cave collapsed, and until the cavity was filled with water, the cave was a trap from which animals and people who fell there could not get out. The remains of prehistoric animals that fell there are still found at the bottom of the cave. You can’t just splash in the lake, but there are organized diving and snorkeling sessions (for adults and children over 6 years old). But non-divers will not be bored either. There is everything one might need to organize a family picnic outside. Pick up your wheels in the closest car rental and drive 2 hours from Orlando to be amused.

See Falling Waters State Park

Take a walk through natural forests on picturesque hiking trails. The most scenic one leads to a 22-meter waterfall. Explorers and scientific workers still do not know the exact route of water flowing from the waterfall. The park is always worth visiting, but the best time to visit the falls is the late winter and early spring. That period boasts of the most powerful flows. In addition to the waterfall, you will find a butterfly garden, picnic, camping and fishing areas, a small lake with a beach in the park. Rent a car and navigate to Chipley, FL, to have a good time.

Try to make your getaways bright and remarkable. Visit new places and drive through natural and historical landmarks. You see now that it does not require much time, effort, and money. Still, it asks for a good mood, a nice team, and a bit of preparation. Any state’s airport hosts a car rental service available for everybody. Pick up your car and hit the road. Do not forget to check the rules and Covid-19 regulations ahead. 


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