5 Essay Writing Mistakes One Should Look Out for

Essay Writing Mistakes One Should Look Out for

Essay writing is an intricate affair. You have to be spot on with your research, formatting, presentation, and writing style. Most paper writers are unable to manage all these tasks by themselves. Hence, they rely on a professional essay writer for exemplary grades. But, if you put in the effort, you too can compose stellar essays in no time.

So, the students should keep an eye out for the following issues:

  1. A Dull Thesis Statement

The first mistake the students commit is they write a bland or non-debatable thesis statement. To make your thesis statement catchy, you have to make it debatable or informative. Then only you will be able to draw the attention of the readers.

Bad Example:

For instance, The Internet has enhanced the lives of many people.

While many readers will agree with your statement, and your statement may be true, how is the internet improving people’s lives? And why should readers care about your thesis statement?

Good Example:

So, a good way to write the thesis statement would be

The internet facilitates the rapid connection of people all over the world, promoting new connections and an exchange of ideas that would not have occurred otherwise.

We’ve chosen to focus on the internet’s capacity to make new friendships and exchange ideas, despite its many advantages. We’d have to show how this couldn’t have happened before the internet’s emergence. The narrower your focus is, the better will be the essay.

If you find the task to be daunting, you should seek essay paper help from professional experts.

  1. Lack of Evidence or Validations

If you write an argumentative or expository essay, you have to show proof for your argument. Otherwise, the readers will not be convinced by your thesis statement. Unfortunately, many students are unable to gather the necessary resources required for writing the content. They cannot explain why they are taking a particular stand.

So What’s the Solution?

Students need to improve their research skills if they wish to present an impressive paper. For this, they need to comprehend the requirements properly. Based on this, they need to start exploring.

An Example to Help You Out

If you write an essay on Cinematography and techniques, you can commence your research by typing cinematography.

Then you can search ‘cinematography techniques’. You will come across extreme long shots, bird’s eye shots, Dutch angle shots, etc. If you want to cover these aspects, conduct a thorough search. You can look into various blog posts, websites, watch documentaries, or acquire information from YouTube.

Following this, you need to talk about application or the scope for improvement in the subsequent paragraphs. Here, you can divulge two-three famous scenes from films and dissect the shots, camera angle, movement, etc. You can share the perspectives of the directors. As you start digging, you unearth interesting points for your write-up.

  1. Including Run-on Sentences

A coordinating conjunction joins two clauses that might stand alone as sentences. To recall the most common coordinating conjunctions, use the acronym FANBOYS: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so. A comma is required before the conjunction unless the clauses are very short and tightly linked. It becomes a run-on sentence if you neglect to place a comma before the conjunction.

For example, an incorrect way to portray this would be, ‘I love to write poems I would pen down every day if I had the time.’

The correct rendition would be, ‘I love to write poems, I would pen down every day if I had the time.’

Such minor mistakes can affect the quality of writing drastically. If you wonder, “Can I pay for essay writing?” you can take the help of the experts online.

  1. Incorporating Compound and Long Sentences

This is when your sentences are too long and contain too many words and phrases for the reader to understand what you’re saying. When someone reads your essay, they should notice a variety of sentences. If you use simple sentences, it helps in balancing complex and compound-complex sentences. It is easier for your reader to understand your argument if you use a mix of sentences.

The majority of the time, this occurs when ghost writer employs unnecessary words for something which is self-explanatory. Or, the phrases might be redundant in cases when a point is understood from the context.

How to Resolve the Issue?

The only way you can get past this is to assume the role of the readers. If the sentence seems long to you, shorten it. Eliminate the words that seem insignificant. Also, you can break the sentence, to keep each sentence within 20-25 words.

  1. Grammatical Mistakes and Unimpressive Writing Style


Now, this is a broad spectrum. As far as grammar is concerned, students need to look out for subject-verb agreement, adjective, and preposition usage. And they should pay extra attention to tense, and active and passive voice use. Furthermore, they should ensure correct spelling and punctuation in the essay.

Writing Style  

When it comes to the writing style, students need to present lively and engaging content. They should use good transition words between paragraphs like ‘consequently’, ‘on the contrary,’ etc. In the case of narrative writing, they can include questions for the readers.  However, they need to maintain a formal tone for argumentative or expository essays.

Moreover, students need to justify the points they state, and they must incorporate bullet points. Whenever they state a fact, they must cite sources in the text.

Finally, before you submit the essay, you should proofread it thoroughly to get rid of grammatical and factual errors. And you should use a plagiarism checker to make sure that the content is free of plagiarized materials.

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