5 features of lab grown diamonds that make them unique

People often wonder why they should choose lab grown diamonds or synthetic ones, over organic diamonds. Here are some obvious and very string features in favour of lab grown diamonds that make them stand apart and might just influence your decision to buy one. Let’s take a look.

  1. Affordable pricing

Lab grown diamonds are barely 40% of the cost of naturally mined diamonds. This makes them very appealing to people who wish to own a diamond but are not in a position or willing to spend a fortune. Lab grown diamonds can crack a great for you and yet give you something to flaunt. Who wouldn’t want to save a little and get the same shiny miracle at a lower cost after all?

  1. Each diamond is unique

The most special thing about lab grown diamonds is that each one is unique, and one of a kind. No two lab grown diamonds are identical. Each one has its own set of cuts, incisions and shapes, bends, etc. Which means, no copies, or replicas, or the worry that somebody else might be wearing the same stone as you. You will be having the only stone of its kind. That itself makes one feel really special, doesn’t it?

  1. Variety of colours

Unlike naturally mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds UK are available in literally any colour of your choice, and we’re not just talking of primary or basic colours such as blue, green and yellow, but also less common and very pretty and girly ones such as pink, emerald, orange, purple and even black. Back diamond is one of the rarest to be found in nature as well as well as made in the laboratory. So if you are someone who finds the usual white diamond boring, too common or just not your type, find your shade that suits your complexion.

  1. Better for the Earth

Organic diamonds may be a real precious asset to own, but considering its harmful effects on our planet, why not opt for the safer option? To extract diamonds from the Earth, it needs to be dug and mined hundreds of feet below the ground level, shaking the base of the land itself, while removing something that has taken billions of years to form. All this mining isn’t good for the planet. Lab grown diamonds give you no such guilt. They are safe and help you give something back to the planet as well.

  1. Inexhaustible

The organic diamonds that are available to us today have taken billions of years to form. It is an exhaustible resource and once completely depleted will take another billion or even more years to form, given that we haven’t already messed with the Earth’s composition, and pressure underground. Lab grown diamonds can be produced at will with no harmful effects to the environment. They can made available as per the demand at most in a year’s time, or even less with increasing technology. The inexhaustible nature itself makes it very unique and rare.

Diamonds are more than just a stone. There is a lot of sentiment and emotion attached to it especially when gifting one to someone special. Since lab grown ones are exactly identical to organic ones and in fact, a much better choice, you just might be tempted to make a different choice henceforth. There are amazing designs and colours available at Hatton garden Jewellers.

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