5 Tips for Developing Apps in 2021


Tips for Developing Apps in 2021 are now the backbones of virtually every successful business online. Thus, one of the first steps to starting a new business in 2021 is creating an online presence. Developing apps are now an important marketing tool for new businesses; over 218 billion apps were downloaded in 2020 alone. Along with every other proven business strategy, developing an app is vital. 

If you are having challenges in developing an app for your business, we’ve got you covered. Here are five tips to help you create a business app to engage and retain current and new customers. 


1. Make It About The Customer 

Before making any plans or expectations on the app, think about the customer first. Start the development of your business app by determining the various pain points of your customers. It would help you create an app that offers a satisfactory experience each time they use your app. 

Nowadays, Developing Apps users have no patience for apps that take a long time to load. Thus, ensuring that your app has a fast-loading speed is quintessential. Virtually every app enables users to link to their social media accounts. Therefore, your app must have social media integration to encourage your customers. 

The last thing customers want is struggling to spend their hard-earned money. Paying for your goods or services should be easy. There are many means of paying online, and customers shouldn’t be restricted to one or two options. To ensure this, create easy payment options for customers. 


  1. Build the App with HTML5

When developing mobile apps, there are many programming languages options available. From Java to Swift to C#, the options are endless. However, HTML5 is the ideal cross-platform programming technology for a new business app. With HTML5, your app will work seamlessly on virtually any device, especially the recent models. 

HTML5 has advanced features tailored to high-quality streaming and audio content. Also, it is responsive as it works well on any device regardless of the aspect ratio, resolution, or screen size. When you opt for HTML 5 app development, you stand to enjoy the following benefits: 

  •  Offline browsing
  • Remote app update 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Ease of use 
  • Cross-platform technology 
  • is relatively cheaper to develop 
  1. Create Buzz Before LaunchingTheApp 

Developing an app for your business is a big deal. Thus, if you haven’t thought of launching it in a grand style, you should. Before making the app available to the public, let it generate buzz on the internet. Already, the average smartphone is littered with apps. Google Play Store and Apple App Store have 3.15 million and 2.09 million apps, respectively. Thus, your app would face stiff competition from millions of apps on the market. 

For your business app to make it to people’s phones, the world has to know it exists. Starting from your website and social media platforms, make people anticipate the debut of the app. Also, use paid ads on websites and social media to generate buzz. By doing this, you increase the chances of both existing and potential customers downloading your app. 

 4. Make a Comprehensive PlanWithReasonable Goals 

Your business app is an essential part of your business. Thus, devise a well-thought plan for the app just like you did before launching your new business. This plan would give you direction as you develop, launch, and expand the app in the future. The plan will act as a guide, providing vital details of every aspect and feature of the app. All you intend to see in the app or achieve with it would be in a plan. 

As time goes on, there might be a need to upgrade the app and expand its functionalities. This is where the plan comes in handy. It would serve as a template for the further development of the app. With a plan, your vision for the app will remain intact no matter how many times you upgrade the app. 

Invest in Security

Data is perhaps the most valuable asset of any organization, individual, or business. Yet, the threats to the security of online and offline data are fiercer in 2021 than ever. From spyware to phishing to data leakage, there are many security threats to mobile app users. Thus, the security of online platforms and apps is essential. When creating an app for your business, you should never compromise on quality for developing apps.

To ensure the security of your customers’ data, you must employ security testing tools. These tools will make the app more resistant to data theft from unauthorized parties. Unlike traditional app testing tools, automated code testing tools save time and integrate early in the app development phase. Finally, adhere to the best mobile app security practices from the development stage. These methods involve using only authorized APIs, encrypting all data, and writing a secure code. 

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The security of a mobile app is probably the most critical aspect to address. If your customers lose their private data to cybercriminals, the repercussions could be dire for your business. No matter how secure your mobile app is, endeavor to conduct frequent tests. Also, ensure that your app is customizable, flexible, and search engine optimized. Lastly, the app should have a simple interface to be easy for customers to navigate. If you want your app to be everyone’s favorite, ensure that even dummies can use it. 

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