5 Tips to Find Perfect Dog Raincoats for Your Pet

What Is a Dog Raincoat?

Very few dogs would consider going out in wet weather, let alone try it. Your dog may love to dip in puddles merrily, but chances are, waking in the pouring rain is where they draw the line.  


But what happens if you have to take them for a walk? You could get a good dog raincoat for them, which will allow them to go outside even if the weather isn’t favorable. 

What Is a Dog Raincoat? 

To put it simply, these are raincoats designed for dogs. Just like the raincoats designed for humans, dog raincoats are also made from water-resistant or waterproof material to stop dogs from getting wet. Some of them even come with hoods to provide additional protection. 

Dog raincoats are available in various styles and sizes with a bunch of features. You can find dog coats that are poncho-style, meaning they only wrap around your dog’s neck and not their limbs. Another style you can find is the vest or harness style. These also protect your dog’s body and back while leaving the pup’s limbs free. 

Others feature a bodysuit style, which means the only exposed parts of your dog’s body are the paws, head, and tail. These are slightly hard to put on and may restrict your pup’s movement. 

The collection of dog raincoats available on the market is wide enough to suit your dog’s needs. 

Why You Need To Get Your Dog a Raincoat 

Again, not all dogs need protection from rain and cold. Some dogs, primarily breed like Newfoundlands, Labradors, and Retrievers, have thick double coats, usually enough. However, there are various reasons why you may want to consider getting a dog raincoat for your pup. 

To Keep Your Dog Dry 

This is the most obvious reason your dog needs a raincoat — to keep dry if you’re going out in rainy weather. Dog raincoats come in handy, especially if your dog doesn’t have that extra layer of fur.  

Breeds such as Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs may benefit the most from this form of protection. And even if your dog has a double coat, the smell of a wet, messy dog is something you don’t want to deal with. 

It Helps Keep Your Dog Warm 

Wet weather often accompanies a drop in temperature, and if you’re taking a walk with your dog in the rain and cold, a dog raincoat will add an extra layer of warmth, especially if they suffer from arthritis. So get that raincoat and offer some form of insulation to keep them warm during these walks. 

Dog Raincoats Provide Visibility during Walks 

Visibility gets worse during rainstorms, and finding your dog when they run off in such weather may prove to be complicated. A dog raincoat with a reflective element will allow you and motorists to see your pup if they wander off to the road, and it may save their life. Essentially, a dog raincoat protects your furry friend on various levels, so getting one should be at the top of your pet accessory list. 

How to Find the Perfect Dog Raincoat 

Dog raincoats come in various price points, durability, and style. If you’re thinking of getting one, here are some tips to help with the selection process. 

Does it have Secure Closures? 

You want to make sure the dog raincoat you get has a secure closing mechanism. This will ensure the raincoat is always in place regardless of your dog’s movement. If the closure is flimsy, it may fall off or shift out of place, defeating the original purpose.  

Imagine the displeasure you’ll feel when the dog coat you got for your pup doesn’t do what it was intended for? So, save yourself the trouble and get one that fastens firmly. 


Is it Leash Accessible? 

The dog raincoat you get has to have a place for you to attach a dog lead, harness, or leash. If your dog is prone to running off during walks, a dog leash will help, and if you can’t attach it to your dog’s raincoat, what’s the purpose of getting one? Find one that has this access, so you don’t get annoyed and in a bad mood. 


Check for an Insulated Lining 

Your dog can catch a cold if you’re not careful, so an insulated lining is important. If you stay in tropical and warm environments, you may not need a dog raincoat whose insulated lining. A lined raincoat for your dog will ensure they’re always cozy and warm.  


Linings are made from various materials such as fleece, wool, or a synthetic option such as polyester. If the lining is removable, it’s an advantage for easier cleaning and use in different seasons. 


Ensure It Has Reflective Elements 

Dog raincoats, especially the ones with reflective elements, can improve your pup’s visibility when you’re out for a walk. Reflective elements can be anything from patches, panels to selective strips. Ease of Cleaning 

Is the dog raincoat you’re getting machine washable? Some materials aren’t machine washable, and you may end up damaging them when you put them in your washer. So be sure to check for this too. 



And there you have it, five tips on how to find the best dog raincoat for your bet. Be sure to shop around before making your final decision. 

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