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5 Tips to Relax Before You Hit the Hay

5 Tips to Relax Before You Hit the Hay

Everyone wants to get good sleep and wake up feeling fresh. Getting quality sleep starts with relaxing and decompressing before going to bed.

Below are tips to help you relax before going to bed

Keeping your phone out of your bed

When you use your phone to check Facebook, text, or read emails before going to sleep is going to keep the brain fire up and it makes it hard to wind down. You might find it difficult at first, but try putting your phone away thirty minutes before going to bed.

Reading a fiction book

Reading a fiction book is going to help in taking your mind off work and your brain switches to a lower gear. You should avoid thrillers because they might keep you up.

Meditating before going to bed

Meditation has been shown to be a great relaxation method. Invest in a comfortable place to sit, Apt2B’s comfort ratings are off the chart. Take five to ten minutes for yourself then close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and be present. This is a good way to wind down before going to bed. There are great apps to help you with guided meditations.

Taking a hot shower before bed

A hot shower before going to bed is going to make it easier for you to fall asleep. It works well because it calms you down and soothes your muscles. There is nothing better than getting inside your bed when you feel sparkly clean. This is even better if you have a partner.

Leaving your work out of your bedroom

You shouldn’t bring anything related to your work to your bedroom. It can be tempting to do a little more work before going to bed, but it is not good because your mind starts to focus on work and it will keep coming. This can make you feel anxious and stressed, instead of relaxed and calm. Your bedroom shouldn’t be used for any type of work.

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