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5 ways to increase the number of Instagram followers organically

Instagram has a highly sophisticated algorithm that decides what posts are shown to which users. This is an algorithm that is also constantly being changed and updated. What worked to gain organic followers on Instagram a year ago may not necessarily work that well today. This is why you should stay on top of the latest techniques for how to gain Instagram followers.

We’ve done the job for you. If you’re looking to learn how to increase the number of followers on your Instagram page for your small business, then you should read more. Here are the top five methods for gaining Instagram followers naturally.

1. Your Instagram name SEO-friendly

If you are interested in learning how to get more followers on Instagram You will need start by choosing a name as your profile. You must ensure that the name is SEO-friendly. What that means is that you need to think about what people on Instagram be looking for.

Are they looking at your name? It’s highly unlikely, unless you’re well-known. People will likely be searching for keywords like fitness coach rather than your name. Therefore, you should incorporate keywords that are related to the business you run into your name. Most often, the one that will allow you to attract the most new users is one that is closely related to your field of work.

2. Write descriptive post captions

The readers will read the first few paragraphs of your content before clicking to read the remainder of the contents. This means that you’ll need to write something appealing that will encourage them to interact with your content in some way. Keep in mind that this is your opportunity to earn money. In addition to uploading a picture which stops people scrolling any further and this is how you will connect with your audience.

After you’ve convinced readers with your first paragraph after that, you’ll be able to inform them to click the link you have in your bio. When you write descriptive captions for your posts you can attract more followers, receive more leads due to the people who visit your website and boost the number of people who click of your content.

3. Use hashtags that are trending.

There are plenty of hashtags. If you can think of a word today you’ll likely find there’s a hashtag on Instagram. If you’re new to Instagram it is possible that it’s an excellent idea to use general and generic terms as hashtags at the bottom of your Instagram captions.

In our case earlier with hairstylists when you’re using the hashtag #hairstylist you’ll see your post disappear in the midst of 31.6 million other posts using the hashtag. Moreover, if you want to become an Instagram influencer, this guide is for you.


That means that if you want people to find your post through the “Recent” tab under the hashtag, you will most likely never be discovered. If a hashtag is home to millions of posts. There are posts that are visible in just a few minutes. Your post will disappear in a matter of minutes.

Conduct research on hashtags

If you’re interested in knowing how to increase the number of Instagram users, you have to do some research on hashtags. Find hashtags with less posts, and then use them on your posts. Avoid using hashtags that have thousands of postings. The smaller and mid-sized hashtags can be ideal areas to target. The less well-known hashtags are and the less likely you will get more exposure.

But, there must be a limit too. Beware of hashtags that contain less than 1000 posts. These will probably place your posts at the top of those which use it, but you’d be able to reach that many users. Ideally, you should use hashtags between 1,000,000 and 100,000 and a few that are that are between 100,000 and 10,000 and a few that are between 11,000 and 10,000. This method of blending can help you increase the amount of exposure you receive that can help increase your Instagram followers and likes.

We recommend that you create an Excel spreadsheet that includes all hashtags from these three categories of popularity. This will save you from having to spend too much time making lists of hashtags to include in your posts. You could also keep an outline on your smartphone and copy and paste these hashtags straight into posts.

Make sure you change the hashtags you Use

If you keep a spreadsheet filled with hashtags relevant to your company You can include them in every post to get more likes comments, shares, and followers. But, there’s a caveat. Do not use the same hashtags for each blog post!


As we’ve already said, Instagram uses a very clever algorithm. It will find you using the same exact hashtags in each posting as spam. The response is to reduce the organic reach of your posts will receive, or even Shadowban your posts from certain hashtags. A Shadowban occurs the time when your posts do not appear under specific hashtags. When you’re shadow banned it may take up to two weeks until you are allowed to post again.

What you should change is the hashtags you’ve got. Ideally, you should have about 100 hashtags on your preferred document that you can utilize within the parameters that we discussed earlier. If you mix and match hashtags in this manner you’ll be able to avoid less views and shadow banning.

4. Engage with other people

We all know it’s something that can take time and be annoying, however, engaging with other users on Instagram is a must in your plan in order to get more fans on Instagram.


You’ll need to dedicate your time and effort into making comments and liking posts from other users.


There are some important motives to do this. It’s because of that algorithm. If Instagram detects that a lot of users are engaging with your content the algorithm will show the most popular content. This is due to the fact that it appears that engagement is higher for your posts and comments.

Another reason to be involved in the community that is connected to the topic your business’s focus is increasing the visibility of your business. When you post comments on the posts of other people it increases the chance of people reading these comments and going to your website. You’ll get more click-through if your posts include content that is meaningful and engaging. Don’t make comments with one word or something that is generic, since they won’t work for you.

If you’d like to be an expert in the art of how to increase your reach on Instagram it is best to be following these strategies on a regular basis. They are still very effective to increase the number of followers on Instagram and will could be beneficial to your small-scale company.

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