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6 Advantages of Metal Pipes For Plumbing

Before approaching your pipe supplier, knowing the advantages of the pipes you intend to use for your plumbing is important to have a proper understanding of its applications. Metal is a common material and generally consists of copper, brass, cast iron, or steel. The different concentrations of alloys in metal pipes give birth to different metal pipes in the market today. From stainless steel to copper pipes, each pipe has its advantages that can guide you in building your plumbing system. 

In the world of plumbing, metal has been historically the most used material for plumbing parts because of its strength, toughness, and durability while being versatile and cost-effective. 

To know more about metal pipes, below are 6 benefits and advantages of using metal pipes for plumbing. 

Durability and Ductility

Metal in general shouts durability because of its iron and carbon composition. Stainless steel, galvanized steel, black steel, brass, and other metal pipes all have durability in common. Because of their strength, metal pipes can withstand high pressure and external factors such as shock and vibrations whereas plastic pipes couldn’t tolerate.

Aside from their durability, metal pipes can be specifically customized and easily installed, depending on the application of your plumbing. Also, metal pipes can be easily repaired even after installation because metal is easy to work, with the proper tools of course. 

Incredibly Long-Lasting

A benefit of using metal pipes is that they are relatively long-lasting than other material pipes. The durability and increased hardness of metal pipes are a big advantage, especially for applications that require plumbing to last for a long time. Galvanized steel pipes are appraised to have the longest life span among the main plumbing pipe types.

Although some metal pipes such as cast iron pipes are prone to rust, metal alloys such as copper and stainless steel pipes have been developed to prevent corrosion. Metallic alloys such as stainless steel can be rust-free and prevent metal contamination that can leach into the water. 

Another characteristic of metal pipes is that they have top quality in impact resistance. External force barely impacts metal pipes unless extreme force is used. The main weakness of this strong material is its chemical reaction to oxygen and water that creates rust that can corrode the metal. Otherwise, it would have been a superior pipe for your plumbing. But hey, even Superman has a weakness to kryptonite. 


As said earlier, metal pipes have different types and grades that give you plenty of options to choose the right pipe for your plumbing. To name a few, stainless steel is great for potable and hot water distribution because it can prevent harmful carcinogens from leaching into your water and has a natural resistance to thermal and electrical conductivity, respectively.

Brass pipes are used for water supply lines because of their resistance to corrosion due to rust and leakage. Galvanized corrugated steel is ideally used in sewage because it can withstand extreme levels of pressure that are usually found in your drainage. 


Not all metal pipes have corrosion resistance but it does not mean you cannot improve its quality. Metal pipes can be fabricated to improve their corrosion-resistant qualities by applying alloys such as nickel, molybdenum, or nitrogen. 

Also, you can customize metal pipes to be thin and light while still being strong, which makes them an advantage for commercial and industrial uses. 


Unlike plastic pipes, scraps of metal pipes are recyclable making them environmentally friendly. The scraps can be melted again for the reproduction of more pipes without losing their quality and strength. So, instead of disposing of your metal pipe scraps, you can opt to sell it to your local junk shop and benefit from it while knowing that it is going to be recycled. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

If you are planning to use pipes in the design of your home without losing functional plumbing, certain metal pipes can be used to achieve that purpose. Stainless steel and Brass pipes are some of the metal pipes that can be used to achieve an aesthetic appeal in your kitchen or bathroom. These pipes are also part of the top of the list of the safest metal pipes to use for drinking water consumption. 

Key Takeaway 

There are a lot of options to choose from your pipe supplier for your plumbing needs, including metal pipes that have a huge variety among these options. Some metal pipes are expensive and some are cheap. 

The expensive types and grades usually are used for safe distribution and consumption of water while the inexpensive metal pipes are used for non-potable water distribution and drainage. 

Generally, metal pipes have the characteristics of exceptional strength, durability, ductility, impact resistance, and a high tolerance of heat and pressure which puts them a step ahead when compared to plastic pipes. However, some metal pipes tend their chemicals to leach into the water, and in order to prevent that situation, you must choose a certain metal pipe, such as stainless steel, with top quality. 

Using the appropriate metal pipes for your plumbing provides value and guarantees that your plumbing system will last you a long time with proper care and maintenance.

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