6 Cool And Unique Design Tips For Your Custom Box Printing

Design Tips For Your Custom Box Printing

Printed boxes are essential for attracting customers. Different brands print their boxes according to their needs. Custom box printing can help to increase the charm of boxes. It can also help to make the box communicate with the audience either pictorially or textually. Let’s discuss different design tips for box printing.

Place your logo on the top side

 For any brand, its identification and reputation are more important. The logo is the identity of a brand. When you are going to print your boxes, you should use the top side of the box correctly. You should print your logo at this place. We have described that this element of the box is an ice-breaker and welcoming. It will help to spread brand awareness. You shouldn’t place your logo at any other place.

Don’t place graphics near corners

It is a fact that all the boxes come with printed graphics and imagery. The graphics and images are chosen by considering the type of product. Mostly these graphics demonstrate the product present inside the box. When you are planning custom printing boxes, you should select the right kind of graphics. You must understand that people will know about your product by looking at these graphics. Graphical content must be HD and high-quality. The important tip while placing graphics on your boxes is that you should avoid corners. Corners aren’t printed properly by printers. Moreover, they look bad on extreme corners. Therefore, you should print your graphics in the center of the box.

Create a chain of your logo with custom box printing 

The main objective of printing boxes is to make them attractive and elegant. There are different ways that you can use to increase their beauty. Brand promotion is essential for becoming popular. The best and cost-effective way of promotion is to use product boxes. Each brand has a logo that represents the brand. When you are going to print your boxes, you should consider printing a chain of logos on them. You may place your logo side by side and make a chain. It will be highly appealing and attractive. It can help to promote your brand. You can place this chain of logos at the corners of the box or the whole surface of the box.

Never forget textual details

All the printed boxes come with some textual details. The textual details vary from product to product. For different products, you have to write different features. You should make sure that your boxes convey product details. They should let the audience know about the product and its features. You must also display the pricing details, quantity, and qualities of your products on the box. The brand name, its slogan, and social media IDs must be displayed. You should find the most attractive and stylish font for typing these details. You must place all the content in the right place. These details will interact with the audience and increase your sales.

Print enticing drawings or artwork

It is observed that all the companies desire to make a good impact in the market. Boxes printing can be the best way of enhancing their visual appeal. When you have to make your boxes more appealing, you can get highly attractive drawings and artwork.

Use the latest printing technology 

Quality is the most important thing in printing. You can’t make your packaging look remarkable without considering the printing quality. There are many printing technologies. You should know that offset and screen printing technologies are costly. They produce high-quality prints. They are only suitable for large-run brands which need a large number of boxes. Digital printing also produces high-quality prints. It is economical as compared to other technologies. You should make sure that your printed content looks impressive. You should use the latest technologies for printing. It will help to make your boxes stand out from everyone else.

We have described different tips for cool and unique custom box printing. You should consider these tips while printing your boxes. These tips can help to make your packaging extraordinarily attractive and stunning. You should know that logo should be printed on the top side of the box. It will help to make your brand popular among the audience.

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