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6 Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Water Heater

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Many of us would not welcome the transition from a comfortable bed to a cold shower on a frigid winter morning. The mere concept sends shivers down our spines. However, warm water is preferable to cold tap water for splashing our faces or washing our hands. Even when the weather is nice, a warm shower is still preferable. Therefore, it is a good idea for every family to have a water heater or geyser.

As the name suggests, a water heater is home water heating equipment that employs an electric tank to achieve maximum heating capacity and offer a rapid hot water supply. This is accomplished by turning energy into heat and then transferring that heat to water. It is linked to an inlet water system pipe. It has an outgoing water supply line that provides hot water to faucets and appliances.

When purchasing an electric water heater, whether you are buying a new house, remodeling, or replacing old and worn-out equipment, you must consider several variables. Look for advantages and functions that are unique to your requirements. Here are some of the factors that you can consider while buying this equipment for your home:

  1. Capacity

Your household’s hot water demand determines the capacity needed in a water heater. Consider the ones with smaller tanks for a single person or a nuclear family. Another element to consider is the application. For example, is it inclusive of both the kitchen and the bathroom? Alternatively, would you install separate heaters in each location? Larger capacities such as water heaters 25L are required in places with harsh winters.

  1. Tank and heating element quality

If you live in an area having hard water, you should pay greater attention to the container and the substance of the heating element. Both are in direct contact with water. Hard water with a high calcium and magnesium concentration can build up or scale. This would result in lower efficiency, corrosion, and a shorter heater lifespan. Look for corrosion-resistant water heaters for a dependable, efficient, and long-lasting household appliance.

  1. Features of safety

While water heaters are secure, users should be aware of the hazards and safety features included in the water heaters you are buying. Look for the safety valve, which opens to release pressure if the pressure or temperature becomes too high. If something goes wrong, this stops the water heater from blowing up.

  1. Power consumption

Installing a water heater should not dramatically raise your energy expenditures. Various factors determine the amount of electricity used by water heaters. First, consider the amount of water consumed. The more hot water you use, the more power you need. The temperature of the incoming water is another factor to consider. Colder climates would need more heating than a residence in a warmer environment. Another factor to consider is the temperature preference of the consumers. The thermostat temperature is adjusted to around 60° C for most water heaters. Some heaters feature an external control that allows you to modify this setting.

  1. Installation site

The amount of floor or wall space needed for installing the water heater is essential. Therefore, it must be considered before purchasing this equipment. In addition, you’ll need a dedicated area with easy access to the input and output faucets, as well as an area that’s easily accessible for repairs and maintenance. 

  1. Energy conservation

Before buying it, you want to know how energy-efficient a water heater is to maximize your energy and cost savings. The new tankless units use far less energy than their old equivalents. This is because a tankless water heater warms water only when needed. As a result, energy is spent only when the heater is turned on. On the other hand, water is held in a big tank in the classic water heater system. When the water in the tank cools, the fuel kicks in and re-heats it. When purchasing appliances, you should always pick them based on your lifestyle, energy needs, and typical monthly electricity consumption, which may help you find the best electricity providers in Houston.

Also, remember to consider that the water heater must feature a pressure control valve that releases over pressured water to avoid tank damage. Finally, check the number of years of guarantee on the inner tank; the bigger the number, the higher the quality and strength of the material used. There are many different types of instantaneous water heaters on the market nowadays. However, choosing the appropriate one is crucial if you want it to satisfy all your requirements.


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