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6 Promising Design Ideas for Custom Closet Shelves

How about getting custom closet shelves for a perfect fit into your carefully designed home? Everyone wants to get the best product for their home and personalized use of space for better convenience. For this purpose, they select and purchase with great caution and don’t compromise on their requirements. Among other important commodities for home, wardrobe or custom shelves play a prominent role.

A custom closet shall include rods, shelves, drawers, and other features as per needs. These sections are arranged based on the quantity of your belongings. You get the discretion to construct your unique combination of cabinets that adds beauty and improves the organization of your stuff. Usually, closets don’t yield major results. But in the case of closet storage shelves, you shall get a high return on investment because they sell at great prices. 

The modified wardrobe gives a lot of flexibility to incorporate essentials in a closet system. These custom storage shelves are created by professional interior designers who know about the requirements of their unique clientele and assist them to obtain a fascinating wardrobe experience.

We have listed the best design ideas for custom shelves that you can use or consider while designing your wardrobe:-

1- Custom Closet Shelves For Shoe Shelf :- 

The majority of the conventional closets have horizontal draws in the end for storing shoes and other footwear. But, nowadays people are more concerned about their footwear than they used to be. Therefore, to match the needs of the contemporary era, a Vertical shoe shelf should be made parallel to the clothes column with separate sections to easily choose and wear footwear.

2- Custom Closet Shelves For Double Cabinets:- 

The old designing idea of a single cabinet restricts the proper use of space. It causes insufficient use of the available space. But, the use of double cabinets can help you manage space, organize and sort out your stuff in a better way. Additionally, it makes the wardrobe more good looking and attractive.

3- Additional Cabinet For Accessories:- 

The regular closets don’t have additional cabinets to store accessories. So accessories have to be stored and kept in boxes that make the wardrobe look overcrowded. But you can add additional cabinets for accessories and store them properly without any hassle or overcrowding.

4- Limited Use Of Rods:-

 Rods are used to hang clothes and big jackets. The regular closets involve the use of many rods that are good to store clothes but it decreases the space to store other items. So, you can limit the use of rods to 1-2 and add more drawers, cabinets and baskets that can be used to store nearly anything.

5- Use Of Baskets With Printed Initials:- 

This is a relatively new trend to store items. Baskets with personalized designs and initials or name of items placed in the box can make the closet elegant and efficiently organized. Baskets can easily store a lot of small and big items without looking messy.

6- Extra Bright Lighting:- 

The need for bright lighting is always undermined for closets. Bright lights are necessary to carefully look and take the required items easily and it enables people to properly see the color and look of clothes and other things. So always make it compulsory to add extra bright lighting near closets.

Due to the popularity of custom closets, many prominent custom closet companies Philadelphia have introduced a wide range of options for it. They employ an expert team of employees that assist with their expertise while giving autonomy to design custom closets. Moreover, they even execute a proper construction and installation of the wardrobe. Overall the decision of getting a custom shelf is ideal for all the basic requirements for storage needs. 


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