8 Ingenious Pikdo Applications for Students

Pikdo is a picture and video sharing platform that enables users to post content on its own platform as well as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. Users may communicate audio-visual components through digital filters using this web software. This cutting-edge online platform allows students to share work, communicate with others, and even seek instructor criticism.

Pikdo, believe it or not, has a variety of apps that might be used in the classroom. If you’re a student interested in learning more about Pikdo, keep reading.

Pikdo’s Educational Advantages

Enhance your lingual abilities

The Pikdo Instagram online viewer may help students enhance their speaking abilities. Students may use this app to communicate their thoughts and ideas on a variety of issues. They may do it by expressing themselves in the appropriate words and phrases.

Students may also take part in a group exercise in which each student requests that the others remark on a picture or video. In this approach, students may develop their ability to use words and build sentences.

Using iPhoneography to learn about photography is a terrific way to do it.

Pikdo is dedicated to iPhoneography, or the art of photographing using an iPhone. As a consequence, students will be able to master the intricacies of photography, which will aid them in developing their own portfolio of photographs for future projects. Students may learn how to design the most spectacular images with accuracy with this tool.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a talent that can be learned and improved.

Pikdo promotes emotional intelligence by assisting students in seeing and comprehending their inner sensations of fear, motivation, and desire. Teachers may encourage students to take part in a few classroom exercises in which they may discuss their responses to a picture or video clip. If students are exposed to snaps displaying a range of moods, they may have a better understanding of emotions.

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Enhance your interpersonal skills

Pikdo also encourages students to develop interpersonal skills, which are essential for a happy and healthy personal and professional life. Teachers may use this tool to engage students in classroom tasks that involve interpersonal skills, such as assessing their classmates’ sentiments and moods. Students may now practice these abilities as well, thanks to Pikdo.

Let others know what you’ve learned.

Students may use Pikdo to share a variety of multimedia material across a variety of social media networks. Students may connect with their peers and professors and share their expertise in this way. Students may use Pikdo to build a network of people with whom they can exchange knowledge on a number of subjects. Students may utilize this audio/visual medium to have a two-way conversation and investigate a topic. Pikdo

Have fun while studying.

Pikdo has the ability to help kids stay interested in the classroom. This online application brings together instructors and students on a single platform for a variety of entertaining activities and interactions. Teachers may instruct students to create “photo essays” by taking a series of photographs and adding commentary to each one.

Pikdo is a tool that students may use to make project-based learning easier. You may acquire helpful input by using images of your topic and sharing them with your peers. You may also write your thoughts on classmates’ photos.

Obtain more information in a shorter period of time

The Pikdo Instagram online viewer may help students in the classroom be more productive. They may receive the most up-to-date photographs and snapshots for their project by using this clever social media application. They may get all of the interactive material regarding a certain topic by searching the category. Students may be able to get the most out of their efforts in less time with this strategy.

Is Pikdo good for pupils in the end? Is this a decent plan?

As you can see from the above list, Pikdo offers a plethora of perks and advantages for students. However, the risks of smartphone and social media addiction, as well as the mental health issues that excessive social media usage may entail, must be considered. Set explicit limits and suggest some “low-tech” alternatives if you utilize Pikdo (or educate your pupils on how to use it).

Pikdo, on the other hand, has unmistakably brought in new breakthroughs in the transmission of information. Students may quickly access a variety of multimedia resources using this program. These developments should make students’ lives easier, allowing them to be more productive both inside and outside the classroom.

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