A Review Of iTop VPN’s Resources



A computing utility is as good as the features and resources it has. While it may be a cliché statement, it is accurate. A utility with many resources has a higher degree of functionality.

A VPN is a useful utility to have, playing a role in securing your browsing session. With it, you can access restricted content by hiding your PC’s IP address.

iTop VPN is one of the finest VPN services you may encounter and stands out due to its vast array of resources. We are reviewing the resources of this VPN provider and other pc tools provider to see how good it is.

The Dualsafe Password Manager

Password safety is crucial, seeing that passwords are the key to your accounts, which may contain sensitive information. iTop VPN has the Dualsafe password manager to handle your passwords securely.

This feature will help generate secure passwords when signing up for various accounts. Additionally, it stores unlimited passwords, which is essential as you may forget them. It will monitor your device to ensure there are no data leaks that can give away your password.

Dualsafe password manager will automatically sync your passwords across different browsers, like Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera.

Top Data Protector

iTop also has the top data protector, a resource that will protect files on your PC. You can secure your files and folder with a password to prevent access by unauthorized parties. This feature will also prevent the modification of your files by outsiders. Also, it safeguards your computer from ransomware that can hijack your files.

Ad Blocker

We have all been victims of ads that pop up while browsing. iTop’s VPN for Windows and other systems can help you deal with frustrating pop-ups and ads, courtesy of the ad blocker. This resource will keep away the ads, allowing for a hassle-free browsing experience. You can use Allowlist to customize the filters to keep specific ads.

Auto Trace Shredder

You do not have to delete your browsing history, cookies, and other data after using the internet. The auto trace shredder will do the heavy work for you, preventing data leaks and other problems.

Kill Switch

iTop VPN’s convenience is evident from its kill switch resource. This feature is handy when there is an interruption, which may cause data leaks. The kill switch comes through by blocking internet traffic in case of an interruption and prevents your data from leaking, which can compromise your privacy.

The kill switch is always on, regardless of the network you are using or whether your PC is on or in sleep mode. It is an assurance of all-around protection.

The Affiliate Program

You can make extra income via iTop’s affiliate program. It is a referral scheme where you refer its toolkits to other people. A successful referral guarantees you a commission.

Final Thought

iTop VPN does not disappoint when it comes to its collection of resources. Highlighted above are some of the resources and their roles. They make this VPN service highly functional. For more resources, you should buy into the premium plans. But you can enjoy its free download VPN for PC and mobiles.



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