A Toast to Good Health: 5 Surprising Benefits of Whiskey

Whiskey on the rocks is a classic choice after a long tiring day or on a Sunday night out with your buddies. That savoury yet sweet glass in your hand offers the perfect gateway to escape from the world and enter your relaxing zone.

But are you aware that your whiskey or single malt is climbing the charts because of the health benefits it offers you? While wines might be the poster child of drinking healthy but malts are also not too behind.

The five benefits whiskey offers you:

1.     Diet Friendly with no Carbs and Fats

Alcohol is often responsible for packing in pounds – especially if you are sipping craft beer. Whiskey comes with absolutely no carbs or fats and barely any sugar. This makes it even an excellent pick for those drink lovers with diabetes.

Interestingly, a really sweet whiskey gets its taste from compounds and oils, not sugar.

2.     Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease

The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, European Heart Journal, and Harvard University studies all point to the same: a moderate amount of single malt or bourbon could prevent heart disease or failure.

This benefit might be because of its high levels of plant-based antioxidants called polyphenols which increase good HDL cholesterol while decreasing harmful LDL cholesterol levels. Besides, whiskey also helps to reduce fat or triglycerides in your blood. So, you are doing more good than harm by drinking but within a moderate line.

3.     Helps in the fight Against Cancer

The key to more cancer prevention plans and treatments features antioxidants. The good news is whiskey has plenty of it, like ellagic acid. According to Jim Swan, also called the “Einstein of Whiskey”, this acid helps to absorb rogue cells in the body. Enjoying a glass or perhaps two can help you add to your years.

4.     Takes Care of Coughing and Wheezing

It’s been known for some time that whiskey such as single malt helps to fight off cold and cough – mixed with hot water, honey, and lemon (plus spices, if you like) will be of immense help to cure a runny nose.

According to doctor William Schaffner, Vanderbilt University, Chairman of Preventive Measure, the science behind this is that alcohol dilates blood vessels, clearing mucus congestion in your chest and sinuses. So, when plagued with sneezing and coughing – get yourself a drink fixed, though keep it fair!

5.     Protects Against Dementia

Around the globe, about 55 million people have Dementia, according to studies. This number is increasing with each passing year. And the solution might just lie in your glass of drink.

A study by the National Institute of Health says that people who consume moderate alcohol are less likely to suffer from Dementia compared to heavy or no drinkers. Other studies – one from Germany also points towards the same thing.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, whiskey is a toast to good health!

A glass of whiskey might actually do good for your health if you drink in moderation. It prevents heart diseases, helps fight against Cancer and Dementia, and relieves symptoms of colds while not adding to your body weight.  So, without a pang of guilt, order a drink and gulp it down next time. Though keep the number in check.

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