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Accent Chairs: Portofino Accent Chair vs. Bargello Accent Chair

Who doesn’t think of accent chairs when furnishing homes? Well, we all do. Anywhere inside our homes, we go by chairs because why not? Home is a place to relax, and sitting is relaxing. We can go on different wooden, metal, and fabricated varieties, with cushions and many more. It is also easy to get hands-on an array of chairs since we can see chairs on sale wherever we go.

Portofino and Bargello are a thing now, and some of us are torn between which to choose. We can’t identify what the best that will suit their home is. Here are the good news homeowners, with the help of professional interior designers, we put up some things to consider when buying both accent chairs for easier shopping on chairs on sale in your physical stores and online.

Advantages of Portofino

The Portofino accent is chairs on sale in every country, and it is a fantastic chair that is ideal for any household. Not just because it’s a sleek design, but it happens to be used for multiple purposes. This furniture piece has a slightly sloped back finish that is perfect to pair with your electronic furniture in your study area at home. It can also be simply used as temporary chairs in your receiving place. If you are going with that modern, classy retro style, this might be the chair for you. And common who doesn’t dream of sitting and being relaxed on your garden or terraces with that smooth curved arm handles. These come in a variety of fabrics in solid bold colors.

Things You Might Second Guess with Portofino

Portofino may sound like your go-to chairs, but there are still things we can second guess in having one. Due to its size and materials, this furniture is not lightweight except with the rattan Portofino. Since it’s not light, it is hard to move and position it anywhere else in your home. These chairs on sale in high backs may give you a more challenging time complimenting your other chairs, especially if you own low couches.

Advantages of Bargello

Here is a little background on this chair, Bargello, before it’s one of the chairs on sale on the market. These were first seen in the Bargello Palace with this unique geometric tapestry which until now are used and improved. An advantage of this chair is that these chairs bring more vibrant colors to your room, giving life to empty places.  These have nongeometric and geometric tapestries that can accent the living space you are going for. Another advantage is that these give you many more choices on the type of chair, not just on its design. You can have it on dining chairs, receiving areas, couches, pedestals, and much more. You can also find tapestries on the sit, on the hands, the back, and even the whole thing. If you are one of those, who have a vibrant palette and abstract contemporary style, these chairs on sale just for you.

Where Can Bargello Go Wrong?

Owning one of the Bargellos will just give you minimal side-backs. Since this piece of furniture is versatile, these chairs on sale across the world. It will provide you with a bit more numbers on the price tag, though, since it is obviously because of the tapestry. And another thing is it’s just twice as hard to compliment the colors altogether in your home. But you can always work on something with that.


Homeowners invest a lot in the perfect chair furniture for their homes, patios, garden, kitchens, living rooms, and even rooms. No matter what type of chairs you use, as long as it is comfortable to sit in, calming and exciting in your eyes, there’s no problem with that.

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