All You Need to Know About LPG

LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas and is also know as butane or propane. It is an excellent source of energy and can be use for cooking purposes. Apart from its use in heating equipment and as an auto fuel. LPG is produce during oil refining or is extract during the natural gas production process.

It is produce during the refining of crude oil or it is extract from the natural gas streams as they emerge from the ground or it is derive from petroleum products.  LPG is compose of hydrocarbons containing three or four carbon atoms. The propane and butane mixed into LPG can come from many different process units in the refinery, as well as from outside sources such as natural gas plants (from separating NGLs) or steam crackers (from C4 raffinates).These components include ethane, methane, propane, and butane, as well as heavier hydrocarbons. Propane and butane, along with other gases, are also produce during crude oil refining.

The recover product usually has a low boiling point and should be distill to remove the lighter fractions, later it has to be treat to remove carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and water. The final product will be transport through the pipeline through specially built seagoing tankers. Transportation of the LPG can do through rail, truck and barges in some countries. Apart from being an environmentally friendly fuel, LPG can also be used as an auto fuel and also for backup generators.

The unique factor of LPG is that it can be stored for a long time without degradation. The usage of LPG emits less carbon dioxide when compared with coal, petrol or diesel which emits black carbon and other particles to the environment. LPG acts as a driver of economic growth in most of the developing countries. A large number of people depend on liquefied petroleum gas due to its great characteristics. Also increased usage of LPG will reduce desertification and deforestation.

Uses of Liquefied Petroleum Gas:

  • It is use for domestic purposes such as cooking, heating, BBQ
  • It is use for Electricity Generation.
  • LPG being an environmentally friendly fuel is use for agriculture for greenhouses, crop drying etc.
  • It is use as an auto fuel and is much better than petrol and diesel in terms of price and maintenance.
  • It is use in the textile and ceramic industry.

Though there are several benefits of LPG but it is popularly use for domestic uses i.e. cooking. It is a non-messy fuel unlike other sources of energy use for cooking. LPG is preferre for cooking for different reasons.

  • LPG has a high calorific value and burns readily.
  • The flame can be adjust with the help of a gas stove to meet the heating requirements.
  • It can be easily transport in pressurize containers from one place to another.
  • Easily store in cylinders of different sizes.
  • It takes less space for storage.
  • Easily handle.
  • Environmentally friendly fuel and doesn’t have any harmful effect on the environment.
  • It is a non-messy fuel and doesn’t produce any harmful gases.
  • Economical source of energy owing to its benefits.
  • Because of its high calorie content it takes less energy and time to heat.

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