All You Need to Know Before Buying Engagement Rings

An engagement is a romantic and emotional occasion. It is an official announcement of the intention to get married, and all wedding preparations begin after the engagement. Nearly 89% of the couples celebrate their wedding within a year from their engagement date. Therefore, the engagement ring is a promise of marriage. Engagement Rings symbolise eternity; usually, gold is a classic choice for these rings. However, before choosing gold rings, the lifestyle of the person wearing them needs to be considered. For people who do more work using their hands, the ring will not have a long life span. The reason is that gold with high purity levels is not very durable. But an engagement ring can be made of any metal like silver, platinum or titanium.

Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Fancy cut diamond engagement ring

All women like fancy-cut diamond rings. They want them because of their unique shape. All shapes of diamonds other than round fall into the fancy category. The most popular fancy-cut diamonds are oval-shaped diamonds and pear-shaped diamonds. Pear-shaped diamonds make a strong impression.

Yellow diamond engagement ring

Yellow diamonds or Canary diamonds have a unique and distinct look. All brides desire yellow diamond rings because they are fashionable and classy. They set the bride apart from others. When yellow diamonds are set with white diamonds, they offer a stunning and artistic contrast.

Engagement ring with intricate designs

An engagement ring with intricate designs is an excellent work of art. Brides swoon over them because every detail is perfect. Most intricate diamond engagement rings are a combination of vintage and contemporary styles. The styles vary from filigree to French beading motifs.

Nature-inspired engagement ring

Nature-inspired rings are the most trendy rings. Moreover, they are not just fashionable but a timeless style. Women are attracted to natural motifs and nature-inspired whimsical designs like flowers, leaves, petals and vines. These engagement rings are beautiful, delicate, elegant and romantic.

Rose gold engagement ring

Rose gold rings are romantic rings that express love in a unique way. The rings are feminine and graceful, and women feel pretty in pink. Rose gold is a timeless and classic metal that looks great on any occasion and pairs well with other jewellery colours. An engagement ring with a mash-up of rose gold and white gold looks stunning.


Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

An engagement ring represents love, and it should last forever. However, before starting to shop for a band, people must remember the following factors.


All shapes of diamonds do not cost the same. Every shape is priced differently, and round cuts are the most expensive. People looking for a bigger-sized diamond can choose an alternative shape instead of the classic round.


Most people prefer rings made of yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. Platinum looks similar to silver, but it is more expensive. Further, some metals get scratched more quickly than others, and they are not for people who do much work using their hands.


The engagement ring needs to be of the correct size. Loose bands are at risk of falling off, and tight bands hinder blood circulation. In addition, the ring must feel comfortable and snug.

Engagement Rings are unique because they symbolise the union between two people. They represent a promise of love and care. Most people look at various styles and designs before purchasing because they want the perfect ring to describe their relationship.

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