An Easy Guide to Avoid Migraines

Migraines is a strong headache, characterized by tiredness, nausea, vomiting and light sensitivity and visual disturbance. The migraine usually doesn’t go away easily and keeps coming back. It has a throbbing pulsating effect on one side of the head.

Are you experiencing the same conditions? Do you feel totally lost how to deal with it? A lot of factors contribute to it such as nutrition, stress and high temperatures. Headaches caused by heat are bothersome and threatening. They can trigger migraines. 

Without further ado, here are some tips and suggestions this article lists down some to keep yourself away from migraines. 

Take Supplements:

Migraine is a health issue which can be solved with or without medical aid. Yet, it is important to take vital nutrients. Including certain minerals and herbs can help you beat back a migraine. 

Deficiency of Magnesium is believed to be a contributor to migraine. Accordingly, taking supplements helps in its severeness. Be extra cautious while choosing the supplements. It is recommended not to select by yourself rather get it prescribed by the professionals. 

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Watch What You Eat:

Be aware of the things you are consuming. Some food items such as chocolate, cheese, red wine and sweeteners may trigger migraine. 

Keep a track of your diet to know which things are causing it. Make an effort to cut them off from your diet. Drinks and beverages with Caffeine or alcohol in it contributes to migraine inception. Hence limit your consumption or avoid it completely. 

Hormonal Changes:

Hormonal changes are one of the factors that play an essential role in migraines. Women usually experience migraines before or during the menstrual cycle. It is important that women should be aware about their diet and exercise during this time. As this will help them lessen the symptoms before it starts. 

Some women feel less severity of migraines while using oral contraceptives. While others experience a boost in migraines if they use oral contraceptives. So it is important to know about medications and their effects on your body. 

Sleep and Eat on Time:

Follow a good eating schedule and stick to it. Empty stomach is believed to be a migraine trigger. Don’t let your stomach be empty for hours.to avoid this, eat every three to four hours. When you wake up, have your breakfast within one hour. Hunger and dehydration are one of the causes of this headache. Always keep yourself hydrated and never skip meals throughout the day. 

Missing your sleep could be one of the factors that intensifies migraines. Hence, it is recommended to have at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep everyday. Lack of sleep reduces the body’s pain threshold. Without forgetting sometimes sleeping more causes headaches. 

Lessen Your Stress:

Studies show 4 out of every 5 people experience migraine due to stress. After a tough period of work, you may be planning a relaxing week but a migraine may attack you. Because of the reason that your brain is used to it.  Severe and frequent migraines affect your mind’s ability to function properly. Things will get worse if stress continues. 

If you can identify your stress pattern, make some efforts consciously to change it. Read a book, listen to music or bathe in the sun every other day to ease your mind. 

Avoid Bright Light & Sound:

Some people experience headaches or migraines due to loud sounds or heavy lights. Though it may not be easy for you to avoid them completely, you can identify the environments in which they exist and make less contact with them. 

In this era, digital screens also cause migraines. For this try to have breaks from your screens or adjust its brightness level. Photophobia is linked with nerves of eyes that go to the brain. Light sensitivity is believed to be a cause of migraines. 

Know the Weather: 

Sometimes a change in weather also affects your body differently. High temperatures and humidity triggers headaches even on rainy days. If the weather takes a toll on you, change your surroundings either by going inside or outside that place. You can not avoid the weather but you can cut the time you spend there. 

The best way to avoid migraines is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy and exercise is a solution to some common and major health issues. Follow above mentioned suggestions and prevent migraines from happening. Beside following these, you should also visit a doctor to have an expert opinion. Expert opinions will let you know about your overall health and will suggest medications to ease the pain. 


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