Applying for a Canada Visa as a New Zealand And Italian Citizen

One of the best things about living in Canada is that it is a country that welcomes people from all walks of life to call it home. If you are a proud citizen of another country, you must cross certain paths before you can legally reside in Canada, whether for short-term or long-term purposes, full-time or part-time. This guide will help you explain the process of applying for a Canada Visa for Italian Citizens or New Zealand nationals and let you know what you can expect when you do.

What are the requirements for Italian citizens?

Before applying, you must ensure that you meet all the requirements for a Canada visa.  To help prevent rejection and delays in processing your application, please follow these guidelines closely. Italian citizens who want to apply for a Canadian visa must


What are the requirements for a New Zealand citizen?

To get your Canada visa you need to meet two basic requirements. You will need a personal letter of invitation from someone living in Canada and proof that you have sufficient funds to support yourself while in Canada. To find out more about what you need to do to apply, see Find out if you qualify at CIC. And remember: being able to prove that you have enough funds is one thing – having those funds is another. This is why it’s usually best to start an application before your intended departure date, even if it seems like there’s still time. Canada visa for New Zealand citizens 


What happens after I submit my application?


After you submit your application, we will send it to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) where your fingerprint will be taken. After that, the IRCC will either issue you a letter of approval within about four weeks or begin processing your application. They may request additional documents and/or interview you. Once all information has been processed and approved by the IRCC and no further delay is expected, the IRCC will send us a letter of approval. We will then notify you via email of your approval with instructions on how to apply for a visa. If the IRCC rejects your application for certain reasons, such as a criminal conviction or previous immigration violation, they will notify us of their decision and provide details on how to file an appeal.


What if I don’t have all the necessary documents?

If you are already in Canada, you can apply by visiting one of our application support centers located across Canada while in Canada. In some cases, it may be faster to apply to an application center without having to wait for your application to be submitted by post. We encourage applicants who are already in Canada and are eligible to apply while they are here. If you decide to stay in Canada while your application is being processed, you will not have access to the Case Manager but if you need assistance we provide assistance every week from 8:00 am to midnight (EST) through our Call Center at 1-888-242 -2100. You can visit our website for additional information about applying from within Canada.


Am I eligible to apply while in Canada?

If you are a qualified foreign national currently residing in Canada, you can apply online at You must provide your name, email address, country of citizenship, and whether you have been asked to leave any country during your last five years of residence. You will then need to pay by credit card and an approval form will appear on the screen. Review and submit.


What is usually the processing time?

The processing time varies depending on whether you are applying online, by mail, in person, or through a third-party representative. If you apply online using Express Entry, it usually takes six months to receive an invitation to apply in Canada. You must have good English-language skills and pass medical and security screening exams before applying through Express Entry. It is also worth noting that processing time may increase if immigration officials have problems. For example, if your application has multiple errors and needs to be returned more than once for correction, this can extend the time it takes to process your application — sometimes significantly.

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