Awesome Tips About Windows from Professionals

Have you ever thought about how you can work on Windows faster and better? If not, give it a thought. Today, you can see Microsoft running on monitors in almost every home, office, school, library, businesses big and small, living rooms, study rooms, bedrooms, etc. You cannot imagine working without Windows. Windows have come a long way since the past 30 years. It’s such a commonplace to work. Do you know that Windows has such special features that it can boost your computer’s speed? You will be surprised to know that so many professionals share amazing tips and tricks about windows to make your work more effective and efficient.

Some Awesome Tips from Professionals about Windows

In this article, you can check out some tricks that can be very helpful while you work on Windows. Let’s check what the Professionals say about it.

1. Minimize All Windows Except the One You Are Using Currently

Don’t overcrowd your desktop screen. If you have opened so many Windows at the same time, just minimize them all except the one you are currently working on. Just go to the title bar of the Window you want to keep open to select it. Now bring the mouse down and move the Windows back and forth quickly- shaking it. After shaking it for a while, all other Windows will be minimized except the one you have shaken open.

2. Restore the Sound Card Driver

Sometimes while updating your Windows 10, you may go on losing the sound system in your computer or laptop. Then you can follow any of the options like Run Audio Troubleshooter, Roll-back or uninstall sound driver, use System Restore Point, etc. Thus, it is important that you ‘restore sound card driver’ on your Windows PC.

3. Create an Event Without Opening The Calendar App

Windows 10 has some latest features that lets you add events to your Microsoft Calendar by directly clicking on the taskbar. You don’t even need to open Calendar to do so. Just have a look at how you have to do this:

  • Go to the taskbar, click on the time and date option in the right corner.
  • Click on the date option if you want to schedule an event.
  • Enter the event name, time and location.
  • Click on the Save button. The event will appear in your calendar app now across your devices.

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4. Taking a Screenshot

Most of you must be very much familiar with how to take a screenshot on your laptop or desktop. But if there is anyone who always forgets how to take a screenshot, here is the help for you. On Windows 10, there are eight different ways to take a screenshot. To capture the picture of the entire screen, just press the Windows key + Print Screen key. The picture will be saved to the Pictures > Screenshots folder.If you want to capture only a part of the screen then press the Windows key + Shift + S key. You can now see the Snip and Sketch tool. Now click and drag to create a screenshot that will be saved to your Clipboard.

5. Open Items on Your Taskbar with Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use the keyboard shortcuts to open items in the taskbar. For that press the Windows key + [Number key] corresponding to the position of the program on the taskbar. For example, Windows Key + 3 will open the third item in the taskbar. The keyboard shortcuts will not only save your time and efforts but also make your work simpler and easier.

6. Find Out How Much Space Apps Are Taking Up

If your laptop or computer is going short on space, it may slow their speed gradually. It is very important to figure out what are the apps that are taking up a large space in your computer. Remove those apps that are of no use and are still there in your computer. To see how much space an app is taking navigate to Settings > System > Storage. Now click on the drive you want to search. Go the Apps and Games option. There you will find the list of apps and the space they are consuming. You can just remove those apps that you do not use at all but are still there in your computer. This will create a good space in your computer and prevent it to get slow.

7. Remove Ads in Your Start Menu

When you run Windows 10 with default settings, you will see some apps on the right side of the start menu. Those apps are called suggestions. They are actually the apps for Windows Store Apps you can buy. To get rid of these ads in your Windows 10 start menu, go to Settings > Personalization > Start. You will see the Show Suggestions occasionally in start, adjust it to the off position accordingly. Your job is done.

8. You Can Also Open the Secret Start Menu

Generally, you go to the Start menu by clicking on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of your screen or on your keyboard. But you may not know about the second start menu that Windows 10 has. With the help of this menu, you can also make use of features like Command Prompt, the Control Panel and Task Manager much easier. You can do this in two different ways like either pressing the Windows Key + X or right clicking the Start button/Windows icon.

Final Words About Windows Tips & Tricks by Experts

Professionals have come to these tricks and tips only after a long experience of working on Windows since years. But as you continue using Windows, who knows you can come out with tricks or shortcuts that others may not know. So do follow some of the above-mentioned tips by professionals. It will surely help you in organizing and developing your working skills on Windows. Keep on exploring new tricks yourself to work more efficiently and effectively on Windows.

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