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Bathing Ape Hoodie | The Rising Popularity of Bathing Ape Clothing

The Rising Popularity of Bathing Ape Clothing

BAPE clothing has seen a massive rise in popularity over the past few years, but many people are still unfamiliar with what it actually is. Let’s take a closer look at BAPE, how it started, and why it’s become such an iconic symbol of status and trendiness for so many people worldwide. You might also be surprised to learn that BAPE actually stands for something! Check out this guide to help you understand what BAPE means, and why so many celebrities are starting to sport BAPE Hoodie like bathing ape hoodies and BAPE shirts.


Growing demand in China

The recent demand for BAPE Hoodie products in China has driven up demand for anything with a Bathing Ape label. This popularity is fueled by their intricate design, as well as a growing interest in BAPE’s Bathing Ape brand logo and its meaning among Chinese youth.


Packaging drives sales

BAPE’s clothing designs are known for their originality and creativity. No two BAPE T-shirts are exactly alike, for example, and each piece has a special quality about it that sets it apart from other clothing brands. It is no surprise then that customers who choose to buy Bathing Ape Hoodie do so because they want a unique item. And who doesn’t like having something in their wardrobe that makes them stand out? The company has also released limited edition items that drive consumer demand as well.


BAPE Hoodies are hot sellers

BAPE, a streetwear brand from Japan, has always been a favourite amongst hip hop fans. From their iconic A Bathing Ape clothing line to their even more popular BAPE hoodie and shirts, it is easy to see why people are so crazy about BAPE clothing. What is hard to understand though is why so many people are buying up BAPE hoodies. Is it just because they look good? Or because they want to be cool?


Apparel remains a strong seller

According to a recent report by Fung Global Retail & Technology, Japanese clothing label BAPE had its best year yet, with annual revenue growing a staggering 26.5% year-over-year. The Japan brand still accounts for less than 1% of total apparel sales worldwide, but its rapid expansion coupled with a limited number of direct suppliers suggests that BAPE could become one of retail’s next major success stories.

Collaborations with other brands

One key ingredient to BAPE’s success is its collaborations with popular brands. In 2008, rapper Kanye West collaborated with clothing label Nike to create an exclusive clothing line. Their joint effort was a huge success and cemented BAPE as a streetwear brand in America. In 2010, hip-hop collective Odd Future launched their first clothing line after signing an endorsement deal with BAPE.


Staying fresh with new designs

BAPE, or BAPE Sweater as it’s referred to by many in Japan. Is a clothing brand that really caters to street fashion. Some might consider it an expensive version of Forever 21. BAPE usually offers high-quality fashions at reasonable prices. However, some of their clothes are highly sought after and sell for a lot more than what was paid.


How do people get their hands on BAPE clothing?

If you’re a fan of BAPE clothing and want to dress like one. You’ll have to buy it from an authorised reseller. And there aren’t that many BAPE stores in operation these days.


Examples of where people wear BAPE clothing

China, Japan, Europe, Russia, Africa and the USA. Although BAPE has a small presence in America right now. There is an increasing interest in BAPE clothing for several reasons. The first reason is that Americans like to wear something unique or different from what everyone else is wearing. Another reason is that some people love BAPE because it’s a shark camouflage hoodie that will blend into a water environment and therefore hide them from any fish they might be trying to catch.


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