Benefits of swimming with lifeguard course

lifeguard course

The swimming regularly practiced is ideal to keep you in good health . In fact, there are many benefits of swimming . A sport that makes you feel good, helps you rediscover the sensations you felt when you were in your mother’s womb, relaxes your muscles, relaxes your mind and melts away stress !

After all, like all sports, swimming promotes the release of endorphins , the pleasure hormones! So, take advantage of the heat that has just arrived and dive into the water to take advantage of all the benefits of swimming.

1 – Benefits of swimming: a sport for everyone
There are very few contraindications to swimming. It is a complete sport that stimulates all the muscles of the body and develops endurance .

It is great for those who are overweight because, despite the pounds, the load on the joints is almost zero. This is pure physics and Archimedes proved it: immersed, the body in weightlessness is lifted by 80% of your weight . The result is that you protect your joints, tendons and back in the water.

Even if you suffer from asthma, swimming is the ideal sport for you because it is a real corrective respiratory gymnastics. In fact, it stresses the respiratory and pulmonary systems in a harmonious way .

The benefits of swimming are manifold is lifeguard course . There is no need to train intensively to start feeling better. 2 or 3 sessions of 30 minutes per week are enough to perceive the first results . But remember to be regular and to practice swimming for several months to get more benefits.

Take advantage of the summer to start swimming and feel comfortable, so you can continue in September!

2 – Sport that is good for the heart
Swimming is also great for improving heart health and is even recommended for those who have already suffered a heart attack . What are the benefits of swimming?

. Heart rate is lower at rest.
. The pressure is lower .
Thanks to regular practice, the power of the heart increases and the risk of developing some cardiovascular diseases is reduced.

The World Health Organization ( WHO ) recommends that people with healthy builds get 150 minutes of moderate activity per week .

The golden rule is to proceed step by step : swim calmly for 25 minutes, rest for a few minutes and continue with another 25 minutes.

Are you out of breath? It’s normal! You may have gone too fast, but at least you have had proof of the work you are doing to strengthen your heart.

The first sessions must be pleasant and, little by little, you will see that the distances will increase.

3 – Goodbye heavy legs, finally a sculpted body!
Swimming is also one of the most effective sports for improving leg circulation . In addition, the water pressure has a draining effect and is excellent for cellulite . Total happiness for those with water retention problems!

Do you dream of buttocks like a star? Grab a tablet and swim with only your legs working: guaranteed results!

But swimming not only improves the appearance of the legs and buttocks, on the contrary, it shapes the shoulders, back, abs, thighs, legs and arms , improves joint mobility and muscle tone, and reduces the risk of arthrosis .

4 – Swimming to burn calories
How many calories do you burn while swimming? The calorie consumption is varied because it depends on several factors such as the distance traveled, the style, the intensity and above all the weight of the swimmer.

On average, a swimmer consumes between 400 and 500 kcal / hour , the water temperature plays a major role in this energy consumption.

The good news is that once you have trained your muscles, they will burn more calories even at rest because sports improve metabolism. during and after exertion.

. So swimming alone does not make you lose weight but is essential for weight control.

. Numerous studies have also shown that swimming improves the health of those with diabetes .

Type 2 diabetes is due to excess weight or a too sedentary lifestyle.

Swimming is great for preventing the onset of this disease and allows sufferers to improve their glycemic balance

5 – Swimming makes you happy!
Swimming improves your self-esteem and helps you manage stress better.

This physical activity, in fact, allows you to disconnect, to take a “break” in which to find some time for yourself and refresh your ideas!

If you suffer from insomnia , swimming is an ally to sleep better and thus also improve psychological balance.

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