Best 4 Credit Cards in India

In India, there are a variety of credit cards that offer appealing perks such as reward programmes, cashbacks, fuel savings, insurance benefits, travel benefits, and so on. Choosing the proper credit card for your lifestyle needs will allow you to get the most out of your card. Here’s all you need to know about India’s top 10 credit cards, broken down into categories and characteristics. This will assist you in selecting the appropriate credit card to provide more value and savings to your lifestyle. Below is a list of best 4 credit cards in India based on their features and rewards:

1. UNI Cards 1/3rd Credit Card

The UNI cards 1/3rd credit card lets you split your debt into three monthly installments and avoid paying interest. Assume you have a standard credit card and a bill of INR 60000 to pay on it. But You pay the bare minimum of INR 10,000, and the balance of INR 50,000 is carried over to the next month. As a result, you’ll have to pay interest on the amount of INR 50000, which will start collecting on the next billing cycle date. You still owe INR 60000 on your outstanding bill now that you have a UNI Card. Also, you can, however, pay the INR 60000 in three equal payments of INR 20000 over the course of three months. You will not be charged any interest or other fees on the outstanding balance for the following three months. Regular credit cards normally provide a 50-day interest-free period. The UNI Cards, on the other hand, have an interest-free period of 90 days. As a result, the UNI credit card is one of the finest credit cards in India.


For an annual fee of INR499, SBI offers this credit card, which entitles you to 2000 reward points if you spend INR 2000 during the first 60 days. For every INR100 spent on movies, groceries, eating, and so on, you’ll get ten times the benefits. You can have your yearly fee returned if you spend INR90,000 each year. Apart from the numerous features offered by this card, it is one of the few credit cards available in India that will appeal to practically every section of the Indian consumer.

3. Citibank Citi Cash Back Credit Card

Citibank offers a reward card that can help you save money on retail purchases, cinema tickets, and other expenses. An annual fee of INR 500 is charged for the card. This card provides particular perks on each purchase you make with it. This card also comes with attractive shopping bargains at renowned companies, as well as the chance to pick your own smart EMI alternatives.

4. HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card

Another terrific credit card from HDFC Bank, with an annual fee of INR499 and a super-saver feature that gives you immediate rewards on every transaction you make. For every transaction you make with this card, you will receive reward points. For every INR150 paid, you will receive 2 reward points. When you spend INR150 online, your rewards are quadrupled, giving you four points for every INR150 spent. Your yearly charge is eliminated the next year if you spend INR50,000 or more in the first year.

These are the 4 Best credit cards in India on the basis of their features and the rewards that they offer. You can choose from these credit cards and apply based on your requirements. However, it is advisable to check your CIBIL score well before applying for a credit card in order to avoid rejection. Having multiple credit card rejection or applying for multiple credit cards at the same time can also have a negative impact on your CIBIL score.

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