Best Parental Control Mobile Tracking App Review

Transformation of parenting from normal to digital is happening right now. The orthodox parenting techniques and skills are good. But an immediate need for digital parenting skills is necessary. Digital parenting enables the parents to look after the children while using digital gadgets. the gadgets are mobile phones and computers. The digital world is not as good as it looks. There are many threats wandering around. Innocent children can become a victim of these threats. Threats such as Cyberbullying, gambling, drugs, and sexually explicit stuff are always there

Mobile Tracking app and it’s working

There is a number of spying software available in the market. Users can install the app on the target device after subscription. For this, physical access to the device is mandatory at least once. After installation, the app gets activated instantly and starts working. The app fetches the data and uploads this data to an online TOS account. Parents can watch the data using this online account. Parents can also send commands to a target device using the same account.

Features for Parental Controls

Different apps have different features. Here we will discuss the features of the TheOneSpy app.

  • Call logs Access and listening to live calls.

The app provides the opportunity to parents to listen to the live calls from their child’s phone. There is another option of call recording. This makes it easier for parents to be aware of all the conversations of a child with other people. Another plus point is to put call recording on auto mode. This will record all calls on the target phone.

  • GPS location tracking.

As children often lie about their outdoor activities. They like to party at night but they tell parents they are doing group study in friend’s house. This feature helps parents to check where exactly the child is at the moment. The app also offers geofencing. Parents can mark the restricted zones and safe zones on the map. So that whenever a child steps into a restricted zone, parents get notification

  • Surround Recording.

Parents can listen to conversations nearby the phone. The feature is also called microphone bugging. App activities the microphone of the target phone without any notification to the user. This helps parents to assess that what kind of company their kid is having.

  • Password chaser.

As the name describes itself. This feature copies the password of the device. App reveals passwords and stores this data to the online platform. The password can numeric, alphanumeric, and pattern lock. The app cannot reveal biometric protection.

  • Internet Web history.

The parents can check the internet browsing history using the custom web design. This enables the parents to watch the child’s online activities. If there is any matter of porn sites or explicit matter, parents must know about it so that they can talk to a child. The parents can also clear our search history from the device’s browser.

  • Emails and SMS.

The app allows the parents to access the emails and SMS on the target phone. The details of the sender, the email content with the date and time stamp are available on the web platform. Parents will be able to check the subscriptions and other useful information.

  • Control Features.

There are some parental control features in the app. The parents can restrict certain websites. Users can suspend internet access to the target device. The parents can uninstall unwanted apps from the target phone to some extent.

  • Compatibility.

The parental control software is compatible with both operating systems, Android and IOS. In some cases, some features only work with jailbreak iPhone and root Android phones. Complete detail is available on the website. Parents must go through the product website.


The TheOneSpy app is a reliable app for digital parenting. Parental control features are quite handy for parents. It tracks the children’s online activities and informs the parents about these. It also tracks the real-world activities of the children. The pricing is nominal and pocket-friendly.

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