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Best Practices for Creating Website Exit Surveys

Feedback and insights from the visitors of your website is indeed an integral factor, leading to implementing measures to improve the overall processes and service of a website. From satisfaction surveys, Net Promoter Score surveys, to website exit surveys, the data you will be getting from here will certainly be of help in enhancing every aspect of the website, given that they are from the website visitors themselves. This will help you identify what people think of your site, and how they feel while browsing and navigating through it. You can use this data, particularly from website exit surveys, to make improvements that will enhance their experience and prevent them from leaving the site too soon.

People tend to enjoy doing surveys because they receive an anonymous platform to express their gratitude, or to provide constructive criticism. Thus, website exit surveys serve as stepping stones to better customer service, and drive more business revenue. Moreover, for business websites to flourish in today’s competitive industry, creating a website exit survey should be a top priority. The majority of business owners are either ignorant of this technique or have no idea how to implement one on their website. As a result, they miss out on the chance to get feedback from their visitors.

Understanding why individuals leave your website without achieving any of your website’s goals or a single page’s goal is critical. The purpose of a website exit survey is to record your customers’ comments on why they left and how you can enhance their experience so that they stay longer or return later.

A website exit survey can be brief and basic, or it can be more in-depth, capturing the visitor’s overall impressions of your organization. It does not have to be difficult or time-consuming to complete. Rather, it should be simple to read, respond to, and submit. Visitors will not waste one or two minutes filling out the details and providing feedback because these surveys are quick, short, and crisp. And the key to creating a good survey is to know which type of feedback will provide the information you need.

Make Sure That Your Surveys are Visible and Accessible

In integrating a website exit survey, make sure that it can easily be seen and accessed by customers before they leave the website itself. Make them stand out in a way that customers and visitors will be able to see them in an instant. And to make the website exit survey visible, it should be in the center of the screen. The feedback rate is reduced when the survey appears in the corner or on invisible sections of the screen. People will simply ignore the survey widget if it is placed in a corner of a page, and thus, may result in low response rates.

Keep Your Survey Short

You do not want to bore your customers by answering the survey you prepared for them to answer. For this reason, you must keep your survey short by asking just one or two questions that do not require much effort to answer. No one will respond further because they left your website for some reason. Multiple-choice or scale questions, followed by a text response and a “thank you” message is the recommended flow for this type of survey. 

Use Targeting Segmentation of Visitors

For this practice, it is an essential step to create multiple surveys to adjust messages based on how the customer interacted with your overall website. It would be preferable to do this, incorporating specific questions based on the web page where they appear, and the user’s behavior on the page.

For instance, do not just ask all visitors the reason for deciding to leave the website. Instead, ask them what made them quit shopping, particularly to visitors who are abandoning their shopping carts. And to those who just left the website, construct a different question. It will let users feel that you actually care about their behavior within your website. Thus, might lead to higher response rates, and an overall better experience.

Test Your Form

When you are making a website exit survey, before actually implementing it, you need to make sure that it works well, so it will be of benefit. You can easily do this by testing your survey before through various devices and browsers, checking if your survey is compatible. Make sure that it is user-friendly. It means that it must be simple to fill the information in, and the information given is displayed on the webpage. Find possible inconveniences in its performance.

Key Takeaway

Overall, letting customers answer website exit surveys is an excellent technique to gather feedback on the website’s performance and determine whether or not the customers or website visitors have found your website to be helpful and satisfying to browse through. Every business owner must understand how important these surveys are, and implement them on their website to gather meaningful insights about their opinions on your website, as well as the products and services that you offer. It is the most involved approach to establish a close relationship with your customers, and it demonstrates that you value and consider every proposal, big or small.

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