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Four Best Reasons Why You Should Use Woocommerce

In this digital era, hundreds of new e-commerce companies start businesses every year, and these new entrants have unlimited choices and plenty of platforms. WooCommerce is the preferred platform in approximately 3 million e-commerce stores worldwide; it is particularly friendly to new e-commerce merchants because of its incredibly influential features, versatility, and functionality.

 The e-commerce component to start your business can be stressful. You want to make sure to choose a platform with a user-friendly interface for your customers and provide a certain level of security and support. The best part? You can make changes as you want, making it very flexible in adjusting sales to meet your business needs.

Right now, 40% of e-commerce websites use WooCommerce, as a trustworthy and reliable platform. According to statistics, compared with some other major platforms (Shopify: 6% and Magento: 3%).

Why use WooCommerce?

 This Platforms provides many useful features, such as order tracking, customer engagement, status update delivery, inventory management, etc. To date, WooCommerce has been download more than 27 million times, powering 98.9% of WordPress stores. The difficulty of WooCommerce is quite low. It is easy to use for novice website owners.

WooCommerce is the most favorite and possibly the iconic e-commerce plugin for WordPress, and its integration enables you to embrace greater SEO value and e-commerce abilities. Here are the best benefits of WooCommerce and its advantages over other business platforms.

However, since there are so many features and tools in the framework, it is helpful to download the best  plugin to compete with the challenge. We recommend you the best plugin for WooCommerce at the end of the blog.

1# WooCommerce Is Free

it is difficult to argue why WooCommerce is not the priority for business owners while considering their budget when starting a new venture.

WooCommerce offers complete order tracking, customer engagement tools, facilitates merchants to view past and open orders, update delivery status, apply discounts, tax configuration settings, control inventory, adjust shipping options, and set coupon codes.

In case if you are a small business owner, it will be one of your best e-commerce options because it is free. This includes selling infinite products, whether they are physical, digital products, or both.

2# Easy customization

WooCommerce can use different WordPress themes, and the most preferred and commonly used themes are WooThemes and ThemeForest. There are many platforms with a complete theme section. These themes and extensions have consisted of applications and services related to accounting, payment gateways, marketing, reporting, and more. This allows companies to choose to expand and customize their stores based on the unique needs of their business.

 It has an elegant UI design and a set of business tools. You can always customize it by applying the usual functions. You can also easily add interest to your online store.

3# Powerful Analysis and Reporting

Any expert will tell you the importance of analysis and reporting, and WooCommerce will provide it. The reporting function enables you to view sales, discounts, and coupons over a period of time and view your popular products and categories. In addition, you can integrate Google Analytics and other top-notch analysis software without technical support.

4# Extended Functions

Wholesale for WooCommerce is one of the best choices for WordPress and WooCommerce. Many extensions are available with unique functionalities. Users can add new features to expand the operations of their store. A subscription allows you to generate monthly income. The membership plugin turns the store into a comprehensive wholesale store. The whole section is full of features; this is why you need Wholesale for business development.

Final words

The WordPress site with WooCommerce has been optimized for SEO and always ranks high in Google. In addition, your online store will be suitable for mobile devices and use the Wholesale plugin with the latest web technology enhancements. As you can see, there are more benefits to consider than reasons not to use WooCommerce.

 For newcomers to online business, the Wholesale for WooCommerce plugin is a good solution. The setup is simple and easy to understand. Everything is intuitive; even without programming skills, you can build a profitable website. Wholesale for WooCommerce can make the website process easier and faster. All features are compatible with WooCommerce and highly accessible by users. With them, you can build a platform that is no different from a professional platform.

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