Best Strategies to Win the Mega Jackpot Lottery

It’s no secret to anyone who has ever bought a lottery ticket that the chances of winning are extremely low. The estimated odds of winning any given jackpot, for example, is about 1 in 258 million. If you were to play every single Powerball number every week for the next year, your chance of taking home the top prize would still be only about 1 in 11 million.

Here are the effective strategies that one can opt for in order to increase your chances of winning the Mega Jackpot Lottery:

Buy more than one ticket: The only way to guarantee an increase in your odds of winning the lottery would be to buy more than one ticket each time you play. Even then, your chances will still be fairly low, but they will be gradually improving as you keep on playing.

The reason for this is pretty simple: as long as you choose different sets of numbers for each ticket, you’re increasing your odds of matching at least one number for each ticket. Even if it’s only one or two numbers, that will still get you at least a small cash prize.

As of 2015, the odds of winning the lottery jackpot were roughly 1 in every 258.9 million. If you purchase a Powerball ticket, the odds of you winning the jackpot increase to 2 in every 258.9 million, which is still very slim. However, by purchasing two tickets, you can slightly improve your odds of success with each ticket, even though that might seem like a minor improvement. By purchasing two tickets at once, you can decrease the odds of winning the jackpot to 1 in 302,575,350.

Concentrate Playing on Fewer Games: The lottery is a game of chance, and your chances of winning aren’t affected at all by how many tickets you’ve bought in the past. If you have a fixed budget you can afford to spend on lottery tickets, it would be better to save your money and buy multiple tickets once every month or two instead of purchasing one ticket each drawing. This way, you won’t spend as much money on lottery tickets overall, and if you win something, it will likely be a larger prize than if you had played more often.

The kind of game you choose to play is ultimately your choice. More people tend to play when the jackpot is high, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that their odds of winning are better than yours. It just means that there’s a greater chance that more people will select the winning numbers.

Mix even and odd numbers: Keep your aim for focusing on even and odd numbers. It’s best if you aim for two even and three odd numbers, or three even and two odd numbers.

As you can see above, there are many advantages to choosing an odd number for your Mega Balls. While the odds will never be in your favor, using a number that is slightly off center can help reduce the gap between winning and losing. If you really want the Mega Ball to win though, make sure you choose an even number for your main five numbers. This increases your odds of having a number match on two different board spaces.

Combine High and Low Numbers: 

You should have a lottery that has 5 balls. Approximately 2-3 of the numbers in the range should be between 1-38. The rest should be between 39-70.

Split each range in half so that you have a lower half from 1 through 38 and an upper half from 39 through 75. You’ll want to include about as many numbers from each half when picking your numbers for the five main balls.

Only a few of the past winning lottery combinations have highlighted both high numbers and low numbers, hence making it more difficult to pick.

Play balanced numbers

Add up all of your numbers to see if they add up to between 140 and 240.

It’s simple. When you evaluate your game, you simply add up the numbers together. The least you can get is 5 and the highest you can get is 375. When you add up all your numbers in between 140 and 240, you’ve got your ideal median range and it means your game is balanced.

Statistical information revealed that about 70 percent of winning combos were balanced.

Skip number groups

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but there are only five winning combinations in roulette. As you can see above, there are fewer number combinations than what you might think.

0s, 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s are very easy to count as you just have to remember the number 10.

Now that you’re familiar with the best number groups, let’s get started on your number patterns.

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