Best Sustainable Tourism Destinations in Europe

Europe is a beautiful continent that provides sustainable environment-friendly tourism to its guests. There is a European network of destinations called European destinations of excellence where you can enjoy sustainable tourism.

Check our list of best sustainable tourism destinations in Europe to get ideas for your next visit. These unique destinations will provide you an inspiration for your next eco-friendly holiday.

Let’s know the best sustainable tourism destination in Europe

Nin, Croatia

Probably the most romantic destination in Europe, Nin is a perfect place to experience love while loving nature as well. This charming location receives hundreds of tourists every year who visit here to enjoy sustainable travels. The city has a beautiful setting, gorgeous locations, gentle weather, and great climatic conditions.

In Nin, life began about 3000 years ago and Nin’s old town is the oldest in the Mediterranean. This makes Nin a great attraction among history and architecture buffs. The city has many magical spots that you must visit, including the Church of St. Cross. This church is the smallest cathedral in the world and owns great popularity among local and international tourists.

Green Berlin, Germany

A perfect sustainable German destination for travelers who enjoy city life, Green Berlin is an ideal location for sustainable tourism. Take direct flights to Germany from USA to reach Green Berlin and explore it in an eco-friendly manner. No matter if you are looking for luscious green parks or vegan eateries, this city has got you covered.

Although Green Berlin has a busy lifestyle, you can easily find peace through it. A bicycle tour is the best way to explore the city center while being environmental-friendly.

Cascate Del Serio, Italy

Take direct flights to Italy from US to land at Cascate Del Serio and start your sustainable travel plans. Otherwise known as Serio Falls, this place owns the tallest waterfall in Italy. The serenity of this place is a perfect escape from your everyday life. The waterfall is controlled by a strong dam and thus can be turned on and off on several occasions.

Many notable writers have described Serio Falls as the place to recover from the bitterness of life. The best time to visit here is between July and October, as the dam is open during this period.

River Kolpa, Slovenia

Residing in the southeastern region of Slovenia, River Kolpa is a great tourist attraction throughout Europe. The clear water and the beautiful scenery around the river banks attract hundreds of tourists to it every year. The river banks are covered with luscious greens and enjoy amazing flora and fauna.

River Kolpa passes on from a series of 50 ancient dams, making it a great sight for history and architecture buffs. Otherwise known as Canoe, the river is the perfect spot to enjoy natural wildlife protected by the government and locals.

Mostviertel, Austria

Austria’s youngest capital welcomes you with great opportunities for eco-friendly or sustainable tourism. Pay a visit to St Polten or adore the beautiful jewels stored at the Baroque Treasure Box in the city. The best places to explore here include the cathedral and the siocesan museum.

Many beautiful places are waiting for your stay at Mostviertel. Also, don’t forget to visit the local tourism office of the city to get first-hand information about the festivals and events happening here.

Durbuy, Belgium

A perfect place to experience greenery, Durbuy will provide you pollution-free air to breathe from. You can reach here after a two-hour bus or car ride from Brussels, Belgium. The place is a great attraction among history buffs, as it has a history of a thousand years.

This location is perfect to have a taste of authentic Belgium cooking and traditions. The cobbled streets of the city have many historical sagas to share with you. While its picturesque beauty aims to calm your mind and fill your heart with calming emotions. Being the smallest town on the earth, Durbuy is a popular traveling location.

Moulins, France

The center of French art and history, Moulins took its shape in 990. Residing the heartly center of France, Moulins is a charming town holding many magical treasures. Every location in Moulins is beautiful and is capable of clicking Instagram-worthy pictures. The National Centre for Stage Costumes here is the best place to visit wearing your most beautiful dress. The dress collection here allows tourists to know the personal holdings of the dancers of the 20th century.

The other best thing about Moulins is the city is safe to wander during nights and nights are the most beautiful time here. Spend your nights embracing the beauty of the city and taking guided tours. You should also visit Jacquemard, a clock as old as the 15th century. To reach the top of the clock, you will have to climb 144 steps. And then you can enjoy the most beautiful 360-degree views of the city from its highest viewpoint.

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