Best Way to Quick Fix of Error 0x97 on Epson Printer

This Epson error code of 0x97 may be caused by an internal hardware issue. It cannot be expected from the user that a printer costing about 300 dollars would produce low print quality after under two years. This is especially given that it’s also described as being a multimedia printer or small-office printer. The printing capacity was not large and was often printed using original cartridges.

If you print suddenly, the Epson error code 0x97 is displayed after the printer has stopped. Sometimes, you will still print pages printed even though the printer was turned not in use for a few days. However, after that, the error is again, and you need to go back days.

In this article, we’ll guide you through what you could do in this situation and how you can resolve this issue. Epson error code 0397.

This error can be traced to the printing process.

Check out the details below We will continue to discuss this issue.

Epson printers have been widely utilized throughout the globe, however, the majority of users using Epson printers, particularly for long-term use have complained of an issue with the Epson error code of 0x97 is encountered in the process of printing.

This error will be displayed with the instructions to shut off the printer and then back on. When this error occurs the printer ceases to print and stops any printing.

Error code 0x97 can be attributed to issues that are related to the printing hardware. The solution to this printer issue requires practical solutions to the technical issues that we’ve summarized in the following article.

Repair Epson printer error 0x97 by using these solutions

Method 1: Use Microsoft’s Printer Troubleshooter

In the beginning, you should consider using first, you should consider using the Microsoft troubleshooting tool to fix the issue. When troubleshooting, you might be required to remove or connect the printer.

But, be sure to follow the directions after running the troubleshooter. Download and install this Microsoft Printer Troubleshooter by following these steps:

  • Click here to find the URL
  • Install the troubleshooter software and Install it onto the Windows PC.
  • Follow the steps to correct the error in the printer.

Another alternative is to refer to the user’s guide included in the package with the printer. Find the cause of the issue and the possible solutions in the user guide.

Method 2: Disconnect and Plug-in

The steps listed below will require technical expertise to use and open the printer. If you’re not certain, you can consult the manual for your printer since the steps will differ between models.

If you experience issues on your laptop or computer try this Reimage Plus software, which can look up repositories, and replace damaged or missing files.

This is a good solution in all instances where the issue occurs because of system corruption. Download Reimage Plus by clicking here

  • The printer’s housing should be opened and examined for any foreign objects. If you spot any, you need to remove them.
  • Eliminate any print cartridges
  • Remove everything USBs or cables
  • Once you’ve disconnected your printer then hold the power button as when you were trying to start the printer. The power button releases the remaining electrical energy inside the printer.
  • Then connect all USBs and power cords
  • Connect your printer, and then check for error

Method 2: Disconnect and Plug-in (Alternative)

It is a variation from Method 1. Therefore, if Method 1 did not work Try this method to determine if the hardware issue that was the cause of the error, or not.

  • Shut off your printer
  • Unplug all cables
  • Wait for 5 minutes
  • Hold on to the power button a minimum of 60 minutes (do not let go)
  • After the 60+ seconds have gone by, plug in the power cord while pressing the power button.
  • Press then hold down the power button 60 minutes (after plugging into the power cord)
  • Press the power button after 60 seconds.

Then check whether the error code is displayed in the printout.

Method 3: Wet tissue

In some instances, an error code could appear because the ink has been sucked away from the sprayer head. Cleaning the waste ink using the help of a damp cloth may solve the issue. Follow the steps below to finish the cleanup procedure.

Be aware that this method will require some expertise in technology and might not be appropriate for everyone. If you’re uncertain, talk to an expert for assistance and seek advice with the user’s instructions that came with the printer.

  • Shut off your printer
  • Open the printer’s housing
  • Use a handkerchief to wet it with warm water.
  • Move your head towards the middle
  • Place the tissue upside down to clean the mechanic pad
  • Head towards the garage
  • Wait 10 minutes

Remove the tissue, then stop the printer. Switch on the printer and check if the issue persists. Repeat the process three times in case it does not succeed initially.

The last option to resolve this issue is to contact customer support. If the issue is an issue with the hardware, it is not something you could do. But the repair will be more expensive than the printer itself or at the very least, it will not be financially viable in this case. The good news is that if you are covered by your warranty and you have a warranty, Epson is expected to replace your printer with a new model within a couple of days. If you try one of the fixes mentioned above but still get the error message, then we strongly suggest that you change to a brand new printer. We hope that you can resolve the issue with the solutions we’ve provided.

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