Best Women’s Vests for Wakeboarding

Nowadays there are many different wakeboard vests for women on the market. Interested parties are spoilt for choice.

We have therefore dealt intensively with the various wakeboard vests for women.under armour knee sleeve in our wakeboard women’s vest test you will surely find the right product.

More information about the most important selection criteria can be found in the guide below the table.

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  • Wakeboard vests especially for women are slightly differently processed than vests for men. The sizes are much smaller and the vests are often also available in XS. Vests for wakeboarding must fit close to the body of the athlete.
  • The sensitive chest area of the ladies is protected in the vests in these places with several protectors. Also the shape with a changed chest width distinguishes the women’s vests from men’s vests.
  • The waist width of wakeboard women’s vests can often be adjusted precisely with the straps sewn on. With the click closure and the slider, the waist width can be infinitely changed.

Women’s vests for wakeboarding guide: What do you have to consider when buying?

Material: Most women’s wakeboard vests are made of polyester or neoprene. The plastics are water-repellent and non-breathable. Especially neoprene is very stretchy and therefore adapts to any body shape. Furthermore, such substances are very light.

Size: A wakeboard vest must fit close to the body, only then can it ensure full safety protection. Therefore, it is important if the buyer measures in the right places before buying. Important are the shoulder width and the chest width.

Zipper: Most women’s wakeboard vests are closed with a zipper on the front. This should be smooth and equipped with a larger puller so that it can be easily opened and closed. A few models have the one on the back.

Waist straps: If you value a particularly good fit, you should choose a wakeboard vest that has sewn-in webbing. These lead horizontally over the hips, waist or chest. Due to the infinitely variable adjustability with the help of sliders, an exact fit accuracy can be achieved.

Protectors : Special protection areas are incorporated into almost every wakeboard vest front part and back part. Some models also have protectors in the side area. The protection zones are normally padded with special foams.

Chest protection: With wakeboard vests, which have been specially developed for women, the focus is on the chest area. This is padded several times and thus additionally protected. The bust has different dimensions than vests for men.

Arm neckline: Each wakeboard vest should have a wide arm cut-out so that optimal freedom of movement is guaranteed when practicing sports. Nothing is worse than when a tight vest pinches in the armpit while wakeboarding.

Reversible vest: Especially the ladies want to change the outfit from time to time. With a reversible vest this is possible. One side is often provided with a bright color, the other side is black. So woman can switch between pink and black.

Water drainage: Good wakeboard vests for women have a special water drain. As a result,powerlift knee pads excess water flows out of the vest quite quickly after immersion in the damp water. Such drainage holes also ensure that the vest dries again very quickly after use.

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