Buying Canopy Tents that Last for Decades: The Ultimate Guide

Buying Canopy Tents that Last for Decades: The Ultimate Guide

The ever-increasing costs of marketing are weighing heavy on business leaders. Leaders of small-scale businesses, in particular, are struggling the most. These businesses have limited marketing resources. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, their ability to allocate business revenue to marketing efforts has dwindled even further.
Plus, the costs of advertising on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and other digital platforms keep increasing every year. According to a recent study, the CPI (cost-per-impression) on these digital platforms increased by 68% in 2021. That’s why several small-scale business owners are switching to low-cost, traditional marketing tools and techniques.

They’re buying economical, durable, and reusable marketing tools like canopy tents. Custom-printed marketing tents have always been amazing marketing tools. These tents are cheap, easy to set up, and usable in various settings. Business owners can set up these tents outside their stores, at promotional events, and in other outdoor or indoor locations.

However, cost-efficiency is on the mind of every small-scale business leader. That means buying low-cost marketing tents isn’t enough. The marketing tents they purchase need to be long-lasting. In the past, most tents were either made of canvas or cotton. But, these materials aren’t durable or long-lasting.

The Rise of PVC-Coated Polyester Tents

Modern-day brand leaders want their tents to be long-lasting. That’s why they prefer using tents made of super-durable synthetic materials like polyester. Unlike non-synthetic materials like cotton, polyester is an outdoor material. It’s designed for outdoor use. This material can withstand years of sunlight and moisture damage.
Plus, modern-day polyester tents come with PVC coatings. Polyvinylchloride (PVC) is another synthetic material. By coating your tent with this material, you can make it even more durable. Polyvinylchloride coatings make tents even more resilient to harsh external weather conditions.

Here are some other reasons why PVC-coated tents last for decades –

• Total UV Protection: The PVC coatings on polyester tents makes them highly resilient to the sun’s harmful UV rays. The coatings keep out up to 98% of the sun’s harsh UV rays. These UV rays typically wreak havoc on tent fabrics. The sun rays discolor the tents and make the tent fabrics weaker. PVC coatings prevent these types of sun-related damages. A PVC-coated tent can easily withstand decades of sunlight damage.

• Cost-Effective: Despite offering ultimate protection from the sun, PVC-coated tents are still very affordable. Vinyl is a cheap, synthetic material. Manufacturers don’t have to spend much to add this coating to their tents. Plus, these artificially prepared coatings make the tents last longer, so they’re also quite cost-effective in the long run.

• Light and Easy to Pack: PVC-coated polyester tents are not bulky like cotton tents. They’re easy to pack and carry. These tents are also waterproof. They don’t soak up water during rainfall. Instead, all water drops that fall on these surfaces simply roll off. Hence, these tents are also easier to dry. The risk of your PVCY coated polyester tent becoming mold or mildew-infested are very low.

Setting a special tent at any occasion is an extraordinary showcasing methodology, however, every procedure should be played right for it to be fruitful. Whenever you are getting a hand-crafted promotion tent, it is essential to mark it appropriately. A specially designed tent is an interest in an advertising technique and in this manner, you want to mark it in fitting ways to produce the best outcomes.

These outcomes, for this situation, are to draw in however much consideration as could be expected to your organization and brand, to establish a long-term connection with bystanders and occasion participants. Visit Outlet Tags today to track down the ideal limited-time tent for your business.
As long as users clean and maintain their PVC-coated tents, they can easily last for ten years or more. Always buy tents made of PVC-coated fabrics if you want to use them for several years.

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