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Can Duct Cleaning Make You Sick?

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Can Duct Cleaning Make You Sick?

It is possible that you have heard different however, dirty air ducts can cause you to be sick. Instead of putting yourself as well as your family and acquaintances in danger, consider hiring a professional who is skilled in order to cleanse your air ducts. If you’re a pet owner and you notice lots of hair from pets in your ducts or you observe mold, an increase in the number of rats or bugs, or a greater than normal accumulation of dust over your furniture It is the perfect time to look at air duct cleaning Melbourne companies.

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Do you have to choose duct cleaning?

Yes, you can answer that question. If you don’t want to be a victim of getting sick, you should be quick and decisive. Here are four specific methods by that dirty air pipes can cause illness.

Ways Unclean Ducts Make You Sick:


The air ducts in your home can cause you to become sick by spreading irritants and other pathogens. Allergens pose a risk to anyone however they can be particularly harmful to asthmatics and infants. Allergens can trigger coughing, common cold, and sore throats.

Causes Stress

Because dirty air ducts can no longer filter indoor air as they should, the dust within your home is simply circulated instead of being eliminated.

Sick Building Syndrome

Clean ducts can also result in Sick Building Syndrome, which occurs when dust, pollen animal dander, pollen, and other contaminants build up inside the ducts. When these toxins are accumulated they blast into the air and are then absorbed when the furnace or air conditioner is switched on. In certain instances, it could lead to severe respiratory illnesses.

Spread of Diseases

Rats and pests aren’t only a nuisance, but they can also cause illness. The amount of these animals increases as the ducts get filthy. When you or anyone else gets affected, you are at risk of contracting a disease.

Infections and Diseases of the Respiratory System

If your household is more ill than normal, including coughing, sneezing, runny throats, noses that are sore, headaches, nasal congestion, and mild fevers, they could be suffering from upper respiratory infections due to dirty air ducts. If the air ducts in your home are not clean, the problem could turn into a respiratory infection such as bronchitis or pneumonia.

Air ducts that are dirty can increase the rate of aging

Are you often tired for no reason? Most likely, you’re being exposed to polluted air through vents that haven’t been cleaned for months. Air pollution creates health issues but also speeds up the aging process.

The air vents you use that are have become dirty lower the cleanliness and quality of your home’s setting

Clean air ducts have been proven to reduce the risk of health issues. Cleaning the air ducts improves the general health of relatives and friends. Studies have proven that cleaning the air ducts improves the health of those with lung problems.

The low efficiency of cooling and ventilation systems is made worse by dirty air pipes (HVAC)

Dust and dirt can hinder the functioning of this equipment. If these mechanisms fail, then the quality of air quality is not regulated anymore. It is possible that you breathe into more polluted air and increase your risk of becoming sick.

Impaired Air Quality

When the air ducts are dirty the quality of air and cleanliness in your home suffer. If you keep the ductwork in good condition the air quality improves the quality of air, which is beneficial to everyone’s general well-being. Healthy air quality is particularly important for people suffering from lung illness.

How can you keep the cleanliness of indoor air?

Vacuum at Least Once a Week

Carpets and rugs can cause allergies, make sure you vacuum the areas with high traffic at least every other week to prevent the spread of contaminants. Make use of a HEPA-filtered vacuum that can remove tiny particles. Use gentle strokes on the vacuum to keep from mixing dirt.

Examine Your Furniture

Furniture that is coated with coatings or varnishes could release dangerous substances, particularly when they are fresh. If you cannot avoid buying new furniture that is made of formaldehyde, you should at least let couches, tables, and other furnishings be air-conditioned in the garage for a couple of days before taking them inside.

Open a Window

The act of opening doors or windows for a couple of minutes every day could do wonders to the quality of your indoor air. The windows open to exchange stale air with fresh and clean air and reduces pollution. Additionally, studies have shown that breathing in fresh air boosts your mood and inspires you to buy more products.

Do not use synthetic air fresheners.

To ensure that their homes smell nice Many people make use of candle candles and air purifiers. But, they often contain ingredients that pollute the air that you breathe. If you like the pleasure of lighting candles, ensure you use products made of beeswax or soy. It’s recommended to choose non-scented cleaners as well as laundry soap.

Hire a Professional to Clean Your Vents

The HVAC system circulates air seven times per day and brings dirt, dust, and even mold along with it. The gradual accumulation of particles matter inside your vents could be detrimental to the air that you take in.

Contact Us!

The maintenance of those air vents is an important aspect of owning a house and maintaining it. If you believe you’re HVAC system isn’t functioning efficiently and you are concerned about the efficiency, it is best to be sure to have your ducts checked and cleaned. If you’re not comfortable cleaning your vents, our company can offer the most effective duct cleaning Melbourne experts.

Apart from health risks, dirty air ducts produce unpleasant smells. The spores of mold can create an unpleasant smell inside your home, causing the further problem. Your HVAC system may lose its effectiveness and increase the risk of contracting illnesses or diseases.

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