Can I Supercrop during flowering?

Can I Supercrop during flowering?

I tend to use LST during veg and usually continue with this method through flower. My last run I had a lot of stretching during flower on a couple strains so I tried some supercrop and was really impressed with the results. Lots more yield and more large colas.

Food is essential for every individual irrespective of the age of the individual whether he is poor or rich everyone needs food so that they can do their work easily because food provides us energy to do work, therefore, it is rightly said that, employees can only work, effectively when they are healthy and to stay healthy it is necessary to have a good diet. Farmers are given with great respect as they help every individual to stay healthy which will help them to work effectively but, while doing so a farmer has to face a lot of problems, there are many risks involved with the agriculture sector and, still farmers providers good quality of food so that we can effectively do a work.


Risks involved in the agricultural sector


There are many risks involved in the agricultural sector, which can be classified, as risks due to nature and, some of them are controllable risks. Flood, storm, heavy rains are some examples of the risks, which occur naturally.


Some insects can affect the crops of a farmer and, to protect the crop fertilizers, and pesticides are used, but the farmer must be aware of the fact that using a huge amount of fertilizers and pesticides can also affect the health of the consumers who eat their crops.


Why is there a need to educate the farmers?


There is a great need to educate the farmers. Because of the farmers will be educated, then they can think of new ideas, which will help them in increasing their level of productivity.

They will easily familiarize themselves with the technologies which will come shortly to increase the productivity level of the crops moreover they will get to know the right way of using fertilizers and the right amount for using the fertilizer so that it will not affect the health of the consumer.


If the farmers will be educated, then they will be aware of the new techniques which are available which will help their crops to grow faster and improve the quality and the productivity level of their crops nowadays there are many techniques available to grow the crops faster and, one of them is super cropping one can look at to know more about this technique. With this, one can know the advantages and the right way to use this technique because if the technique is not applied in the right way that it will badly affect their crop.


Final words

There are many risks involved in the agricultural sector which we need to account for because the agriculture sector is very important, for a country as it provides food to the individuals who work for the country development if the farmers will be, aware of the risks involved with this sector they will be able to handle these risks more effectively when they are educated. So, it is better to educate the farmers so that they can increase the productivity level of the crops.


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