Canada online ETA visa application

Applying for Canada ETA

Applying for Canada ETA

Eligible foreign nationals wishing to travel to Canada must apply online for eTA for Canada. Applicants must complete the Canada eTA application with contact details, previous travel details, passport details, and other background information such as health and criminal records. Once completed, the applicant must pay the eTA application using a credit or debit card and then submit the application. Most decisions are reached within 24 hours and the applicant is notified via email but in some cases processing may take days or weeks. It is best to apply for eTA for Canada as soon as you have finalized your travel plans and 72 hours before your scheduled entry into Canada


How long does it take to process the Canada eTA application?

You are advised to apply for Canada eTA at least 72 hours before you plan to enter the country.

Validity of Canada eTA


The Canadian eTA is valid for 5 years or less from the date of issue if the electronically attached passport expires 5 years ago. The ETA allows you to stay in Canada for a maximum of 6 months at a time, but you can use it to visit the country repeatedly during its validity period. However, the length of time you will be allowed to stay at a time will be decided by border officials depending on the purpose of your visit and your passport will be stamped.


Entered Canada


Canada requires eTA so that you can board a flight to Canada because without it you would not be able to board any flight to Canada. However, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or Canadian border officials may refuse to allow you to enter the airport even if you are a Canada-approved ETA holder at the time of entry:


You do not have all the documents like your passport, which will be checked by the border officials

If you take any health or financial risk

And if you have a previous criminal/terrorist history or previous immigration issues

If you have all the documents required for Canada eTA and meet all the eligibility requirements for eTA for Canada, then you are ready to apply for Canada Visa Online whose application is quite simple and straightforward. If you need any clarification you need to Canada Visa Online contact center our helpdesk for help and guidance.


Documents that can be requested at the Canada Visa online applicant at the Canada border

Means of self-support

Applicants may be asked to provide evidence that they can financially support and sustain themselves during their stay in Canada.


Advance / return flight ticket.


Applicants may be required to show that they intend to leave Canada after the Canada eTA application for the trip was completed.


If the applicant does not have a ticket in front, they can provide funds and proof of ability to purchase a ticket in the future.

Types of Canada eTA

There are four types of Canada eTA, or in other words, you can apply for Canada eTA when the purpose of traveling to your country is one of the following:


  • When transit or lever you have to stop at a Canadian airport or town for a short time until your next flight to your final destination.
  • Travel, sightseeing, meeting family or friends, coming to Canada on a school trip, or attending a short course of study that offers no credit.
  • For business purposes, including business meetings, business, professional, scientific, or educational conferences or conventions, or for the settlement of matters of an estate.
  • For planned treatment at a hospital in Canada.
  • Information required for Canada ETA


Canada eTA applicants must provide the following information when filling out the Canada visa online application:


  • Particular information similar as name, place of birth, date of birth
  • Passport number, date of issue, expiration date
  • Contact information such as address and email
  • Job details


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