Canada online visa application for Italian and New Zealand citizens

Italian citizens planning to travel to Canada must register online to receive the Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). This allows them to visit the Great White North without a visa. The Canadian government introduced eTA in 2015 to facilitate short-term travel for international travelers. Holders of Italian passports traveling to Canada can enter the embassy or consular office with an approved ETA without applying for a standard visa.

To do this, they must meet the Canadian eTA requirements for Italians.

Does an Italian citizen need a visa to travel to Canada?

No, according to Canada’s visa policy, Italian citizens do not need a visa to enter Canada. Instead, Italians must apply online for Canada ETA in order to have their travel approved. This can be done in minutes. All you have to do is enter the required details in a short form and the eTA is confirmed via email soon (usually within a maximum of 24 hours).

For citizens of Italy, Canada ETA allows visa-free stay for up to 6 months for the following purposes:

  • holidays
  • Retirement
  • Family visits
  • Business trip
  • Transit

Italians may need a Canada visa for the following reasons:

  • Formal education
  • Work
  • Living in Canada
  • Long term stay (over 6 months)

In this case, travelers may ask the Canadian Embassy in Rome or the Consulate in Milan for the relevant type of Canadian visa for Italian citizens.

What is Canadian eTA for Italians?

Canadian eTA is an online multiple-entry authorization. It is valid for 5 years and allows Italian visitors to stay for 6 months at the time of each visit. This online travel permit is electronically attached to the traveler’s passport and is not transferable to a new document. This means that if a passport expires before the expiration of 5 years, the Canadian ETA also expires.

New Zealand passport holders are eligible to travel to Canada without the need for a formal visa. To do this, they must apply online for the Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). The Canadian government introduced this online visa waiver in 2015 for citizens of selected countries (including New Zealand) to facilitate international travel. It allows entry for tourism, business, or transit. Some basic Canadian eTA requirements are required for New Zealand citizens.


What is Canada’s ETA for New Zealand?

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is an online visa waiver for Canada. New Zealanders can use it to travel to Canada without having to worry about getting a visa.

Travelers can apply for Canada ETA for New Zealanders from the comfort of their own home or office. All they need to do is fill out a quick online form using a computer or device connected to the Internet. No need to go to the embassy to deal with paperwork.

The application takes a few minutes. Confirmation of approved Canada Visa for New Zealand Citizens is delivered via email – usually within 24 hours and often much earlier.

This online travel permit is electronically attached to the New Zealand passport registered in the application. Canadian eTA is valid for 5 years. If the registered New Zealand passport expires earlier, the eTA with the passport will expire. Multiple entries are allowed in Canada during the New Zealand validity period, with a maximum stay of 6 months at a time.


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