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Candle Boxes

If you are making a candle, you are responsible for helping billions of people relax at the end of a long day. Whether it’s a summer night, a cold autumn night or a foggy winter lunch, candles instantly create the right atmosphere, so thank you to all the candle users in the bg world for the relaxing sweet!

Not surprisingly, the candle industry has grown tremendously in the past deca as candle makers have invented endless types, styles, and offerings. Custom candle boxes are also important in such a competitive market. Not only do people buy things for how they feel, but more and more people are worried about how things will look.

Candles are not just a way to protect a candle. The candle box is not just that … box. It’s a flavorful food that will differentiate your products and highlight your best way of your recipes. Are you looking for candle designs and making more people happy?

Below we have taken care of two candle box galleries with candle boxes and labels we have made for our customers to give you an edge over your own packaging.

1. Candle boxes
2. Candlesticks

1. Candle boxes

Although we increased the use of the candle, the size of the candle also increased. Most candles are not lightweight products (Except for candles and other small candles such as special candles). You probably need a strong box to protect the final product if you’re shining in a chic jar.

You’re lucky! We have the right materials and over 2 decades of experience to help you get safe and durable candle boxes for your fragrant creations.

Let’s see what that means.

Select the correct box

The first step in making the right candle box is choosing the right thickness of cardboard to make sure it can withstand the weight of your candle. Although we offer five different cardboard options, starting with the maximum cardboard 17.2pt, we recommend a strong card for the candle box:

  • 19.2 pt white SBS plate
  • 19.2-point dashboard

An 18 pt kraft card can work even if your candle is smaller than or approximately 15 ounces.

Choose the right low end

Drawer closure style is as important as paper. For candles, we always recommend the locked box or crash box. Both closing styles offer more structure under the box than a regular straight slider.

I love you when I go to the lock on the lock, because I call on the candle box will not be crushed under the box. . product weight.

We then browse the galleries and see what other candle makers like you are doing for their candle boxes.

2. Candlesticks

Aside from personalizing the candle and protecting it with a candle, there is another candle package we can help you with, these are candle labels.

With our short -term marketing labels, you can get candle labels in any shape and design you can think of, in quantities of up to 250 pieces. We offer free lamination (matte or glossy) for all labels and our prices are the same no matter what label material you choose:

  • BOPP foam
  • Remove the BOPP
  • Metal BOPP

All candle labels are waterproof, which can be removed and fixed. They are usually delivered in rolls, but depending on the size and quantity of the label, some orders may be delivered in sheets.

With design guidelines, you can be as creative as you want with your candle labels – from a simplified approach to a dynamic approach – we’ll cover you.

Tell everyone about your candles

When you are ready to offer beautiful candle boxes along with your delicious candles, we can’t wait to see when we can help. Contact us today for a quick quote and we’ll offer you the best candle package to thank your business at a price that doesn’t break your budget.

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