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Choice of electronic school management software

School management software has improved over the years and schools now have access to new solutions that offer more value than ever before. Many schools still use date management, customer support, or pen and paper software. Open source technology and hosted cloud computing systems enable schools to take advantage of the latest state-of-the-art technology at surprisingly affordable costs.

Companies have moved to Software as a Service

 (SaaS) products for years and schools are following suit. Well-designed school management software makes the school more efficient and saves valuable school management software time. Software can help you better store and organize your attendance, files, records and results. Improved communication can lead to a better learning experience for students.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best school program. When doing research it is important to ask the following questions.

Most important points:

  • Does the product print report cards and copies?
  • Can it import the original backup data?
  • Can it handle the quality assessment?
  • Does it allow custom rating scales?
  • Can there be multiple custom grade scales in one school?
  • Does it have a notebook for the teacher?
  • Does it give parents and students a chance?
  • Can parents and students request homework online?
  • Are there common areas?
  • Are numbers allowed in report cards?


Easy to use:


  • Is the interface structured logically?
  • How difficult is it to create classes, enroll students, and set up a rating scale?
  • Should teachers set up their own plugins?
  • Does client software need to be installed?
  • Is it difficult to move from one institution to another?
  • Does it have video support?

The units:

  • Are practical units combined?
  • Does each unit need to be set up individually?
  • What are the accessories for different units?
  • Hardware and software requirements:
  • Does the school have to buy supplies or is the solution hosted?
  • Does the school need to license SQL software or other specialized database?
  • Does the school have to install Java on every computer?
  • Does the school management system also work on Mac, iPad and iPhone?

Hidden costs:

  • Is there a trial version available?
  • What are the annual maintenance costs?
  • Are there any start-up costs?
  • Are there cancellation costs?
  • Your details:
  • Can schools produce data?

Are the reports available as .pdf and as .txt files?

These are just some of the many important things to keep in mind when looking for the best courses. Finally, it is important to find a solution that teachers, students and parents can accept. Software that addresses the important needs of the school and supports the community will be a clear winner.

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