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Classic Hair bow styles are coming back again girls!

Classic Hair bow styles are coming back again girls!

There are so many amazing hair bow styles that you can try right now! Whether you’re looking or searching for a dramatic look or something subtler, there’s definitely a style to suit your needs. Here are some of our favourite looks:

The Bun Bow: This is the perfect look if you want to glam up your outfit without spending too much money. All you require is an elastic band and some hair ties (or bobby pins, however you prefer to wear your hair up) and a few bobby pins.


The Side Ponytail Bow: This is the perfect look if you’re trying something creative with your outfit options but don’t want too many different looks in one day! All that it needs is a long strip of elastic or bunting (available at most fabric stores), some ponytails and either small ribbon bows or elastics. Once you’ve got your hair in a ponytail (and perhaps some pretty or sparkly jellies to add the finishing touches), but these small bowties on either side of the elastic so that they form an ‘x’ between them. Secure with bobby pins, elastics or clips depending on where you want them sitting!

The Side Plait Bow: This look is perfect if you prefer something a little subtler and simple than some of the previous. All that it requires is a loose plait and ribbon or elastic bow to make your face-flattering look even better! Simply secure with bobby pins, elastics or clips depending on where you want them sitting.


The Full Ponytail Bow: Girls’ informal occasions know how hard these ponytails can be to get right; if so just say goodbye to your hair accessories because this one’s easier than yours! All you need is a couple of down to the ends bobby pins, a ribbon or elastic (depending on how big your hair it), and find a way that suits yourself. Secure with bobby pins, elastics or clips depending on how you want them sitting.


The Lace Bow: This look just screams elegance; which obviously makes sense because we are talking about prom after all! Simply secure in place using bows or bobbles or tiny pieces of striping tape that you can purchase from your local fabric store – I suggest starting with the tape and moving on to smaller buttons as these would be easier for hair setting. This looks great when accessorized by soft, glittery polka dots too!

We will admit that here at The Hair Boutique, we are tempted a little more often than others to include all sorts in our daughter’s formal hairstyles. She loves these looks but they don’t always work so well with her own hair colour – which is perfectly why we have only splashed our prom look using ribbons and elastics.


But even if your daughter doesn’t like bows, there are other ways to create glamourous formal hairstyles that suit every face shape, often in a safer way too! Depending on whether you fancy going for the subtle side or go-all-out glamour, your daughter can pull off these looks more easily by just getting stuck in and creating the look of her dreams.


Take a look at some stunning prom hairstyles that our teen stars are sporting in their prom pictures to inspire you this year! Leave us your own tips on what super style you’re planning for yours too… We love reading everyone!!!


Wear hair bows on your prom night

Although your daughter may not be keen on wearing feathers and bow-ties, she can always go for a subtler hair look if desired with bobby pins or elastics keeping back her curls.

Don’t forget all those gorgeous sparkly accessories you have bought with the intention of adding some bling to your evening outfit! Small rhinestone-studded clips are just the ticket here… For extra wow factor add them to your hair!

Prom hairstyles for school girls using hair accessories… Suppose she is going to her prom with you. In that case, we suggest seeing how simple and easy it can be to create fabulous looks like these. Long bobby pins worked into your side updos or dressed back elegantly would all make a perfect start by emphasizing the right highlights this way – giving any slicked-back look more of an edgy city rocker vibe.

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