Clear Your Doubts About Erectile Dysfunction

In some men, erectile dysfunction can be a cause of heart disease, so talk to your doctor. To enter this topic, the discussion can be awkward, so to help you understand and have a fluent conversation with your doctor, we have prepared a few questions and answers.

First, let us understand what is erectile dysfunction?

It is a newer and better term for impotence. Erectile Dysfunction encompasses a spectrum of problems and because it is a dysfunction, there can often be a return to function.

How does an erection work?

It is a complicated combination of nervous and circulatory systems. The nervous system gets things going, then blood flows into the penis while the draining veins are squeezed to keep blood from spilling out. All of these must work well to get an erection. Where this can go wrong are medical problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, narrowing of the arteries, or problems with the nervous system. There are many mediations are available like Cenforce 200mg, Vidalista 20mg, Kamagra Orla Jelly and many more which help men to cure erectile dysfunction disorder.

Is it common for a woman to ask her doctor about her partner’s erectile dysfunction?

Partners who are too concerned about her husband’s ED will visit a doctor to talk about it. Sex is important for a healthy and happy relationship. Coping with the problem is a problem for both partners who strive for normal sexual function.

When should my partner see a doctor for ED?

ED could be an important sign of other health problems, so any man struggling should see a doctor. Stress at work and home, financial problems, and depression may also contribute to ED. There are also medical causes such as high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, or low thyroid hormone levels.

Research has found that people with erectile dysfunction have a higher risk of developing heart disease. Knowing your GP what’s going on is an important first step. In cases there is a physical problem with the penis or a history of surgery, consulting urologist may be helpful.

How does erectile dysfunction affect couples?

Sex is very important to a man’s identity and confidence, and not getting an erection or having sex like you used to can put a strain on your relationship. In the same way, restoring function can have a tremendous positive impact.

Is ED a natural part of aging?

Like dementia, erectile dysfunction becomes more common with age. Up to 1/3 of men over 60 years suffer from erectile dysfunction. But it’s certainly not a normal part of aging. 

It may be normal to need more stimulation or it may take longer to achieve an erection, but it is normal for men of all ages to have regular sexual function. 

Does ED mean my partner doesn’t desire me?

The brain is the most powerful sexual organ, and that’s certainly one of them. But more often than not, ED doesn’t mean your partner is less interested. 

Erectile dysfunction can put a lot of strain on a man trying to get an erection and he is less likely to start having sex because he is nervous or doesn’t want to have that problem again. 

Could erectile dysfunction mean my sexual partner has low testosterone levels?

People have asked about testosterone supplements as a cure for erectile dysfunction. But it’s a smaller part of the bigger picture of erectile dysfunction. It’s important not to think of just one cause, but to talk to your doctor about what the different causes might be. 

Does cycling cause erectile dysfunction? 

It is possible. Bike seats are narrow, and if they’re not positioned correctly, you can put pressure on the space below your groin, which can damage the nerves and arteries needed for an erection. Getting a good bike is very important. Fit, which we convey through sports medicine. This problem is largely avoidable. 

Let’s talk about treatment options

The main treatments for erectile dysfunction are medications originally designed for blood pressure. It turned out that the subjects in the clinical blood pressure studies had really good erections. The medicine works by widening or opening blood vessels and arteries. It dilates the vessels surrounding the genitals very well. Examples of this drug are Cenforce, Fildena, and Vilitra. 

So does this mean that my partner and I need to plan for sex? 

With Vidalista and Cenforce, you take them about an hour before you want to have sex and the drug usually helps for about four hours, sometimes for up to 24 hours. Tadacip can be useful for up to 36 hours, so you don’t have to plan as much.

Will my partner then have an erection for a long time? 

Not necessarily, but if you ever have an erection for more than four hours you should call your doctor right away as it can cause permanent damage. However, it is very unusual. 

What if drugs aren’t the answer? 

When the cause is stress or other social issues, talking to a psychologist is often the best option. If the cause is a health condition, the best treatment is to address that condition is to lower your blood pressure.

For patients who have tried the main treatments, there are other options. One is a drug that is injected into the penis or inserted into the urethra through a small suppository and there are vacuum pumps. They work well and can be useful. And there are more permanent and final treatment options, such as Penile implants.

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