How to Connect HP Deskjet 3630 Printer to Wifi?

Connect HP Deskjet 3630 Printer to Wifi

HP Deskjet 3630 Printer to Wifi

HP is an extremely popular and well-known brand in the sector of printers, scanners, and other technical products.

It is compatible with several other services, including wifi compatibility and the fantastic quality of printouts that it offers.

Wifi technology makes HP Deskjet 3630 a much more amazing printer with facilities and features to enhance the customer experience. It can be connected with several devices, including Android, Mac, and Windows. If you recently bought a new HP printer, you might have several queries and questions in your mind about how to connect an HP printer to wifi. You might also face a few issues like HP Deskjet 3630 cannot connect to wifi in the initial days. All you need to do is be patient and follow the instructions below without panicking about such problems that can be solved within a few minutes. Moving forward, let us know about how several easy methods could help your HP Deskjet 3630 connect to wifi.

Basic steps to understand how can HP Deskjet 3630 series connect to wifi

Let us know a few things before moving forward with the process where you can get to know about how to avoid the HP Deskjet cannot connect to the wifi issue. The users must be aware of their wifi passwords, name, and status before trying to connect the printer with the wifi. You may also lookup to the manual provided with the HP Deskjet printer to better understand anything and everything you require during the process. To know more about: Download USB drivers 

Compatible printer drivers are a necessity.

As the initial step, you must understand that installing compatible printer drivers in your HP Deskjet printer is a necessary task. A printer cannot work without the same, and hence it remains the initial method while learning how the HP Deskjet 3630 series can connect to wifi. Further, for the downloading process of printer drivers, you may follow the steps given below and make sure to do it in the right way.

  • Go to the official HP website and select the option named ‘software and drivers’.
  • Further, to choose the right and compatible printer driver for your printer, you need to enter the model name and number.
  • Now press the enter button and move to the window.
  • On the new page, select the option that says ‘latest drivers to download’.
  • Select the one printer driver which is most appropriate for your specific printer to avoid any further technical issues.
  • Now download this printer driver and wait for a few minutes.
  • Now process the run command and install the drivers in your printer to start working.
  • Before using the printer to give print commands, you must restart it to enable proper adjustments.

The HP Deskjet wireless setup and wifi connection

Moving forward with how Deskjet 3630 connects to wifi, let us know about the wireless printer setup. It is an essential and excellent method to use your HP printer anywhere in the comfort of your own location. For the same, you may move along with the steps given below.

  • You will see a wireless button on your HP printer. Push the button until the light starts blinking or flickering.
  • Next, you need to push the WPS button on your router and keep holding it for a few seconds.
  • Press on the WPS button until the wireless light stops blinking or flickering on the printer.
  • Now to confirm a well-established connection between the printer and the router, you may print the network configuration report. This will also help you find the IP address, which will further allow you to do the wireless setup without any USB cable.

If you are yet unable to know how does Deskjet 3630 connect to wifi, you may contact the technical experts with details on the official HP website. You may also get assistance with the 24*7 chatbox on their website. also check: Best technology 

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