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Creative Ways To Use Fabrics on Your DIY Projects

Fabrics scraps can sometimes be excessive, very non-eco-friendly, and can load huge amounts of trash. However, it has been trying to impose in our lifestyle in being able to practice recycling. With that in mind, we can use these fabric scraps in a project of doing it yourself.


These are those things places under our mugs or glasses to avoid moisture on the table or on the area it will be placed. Coasters are pretty much convenient as it is small enough to use and even make. Using your fabric scraps where you can be creative in a small canvas, which is the coaster, could make use of the patterns that the waste fabrics have.

Key Holder

We all know the typical key chains we see in stores. Sometimes the key chains come with some dangling designs. However, you can make use of your scrap fabrics to be able to beautify your keyring for your keys as a keychain. Doing this project assures no limitations to your imaginations, although it does depend on the scrap fabric you have.

Mini Pouch with Zipper

This project may be a little dependent on the scrap fabric you have. Creating a small coin pouch with a zipper definitely calls for fabrics that can ensure durability with preferably heavyweight textile such as denim or canvas fabrics. The purpose of this project is as a pouch for your coins that you can bring every day. It is important that the fabric that you will be used in this fabric does not fail the functionality it serves.

Tissue Holder

As individual hygiene is always part of our lifestyle – at least it should be. Making a tissue holder is very convenient and you can even make these according to your preferred size.

Soft Fabrics Bibs for Babies

People having a kid may testify that making the baby eat in order is a little battle with the mess it brings at the end of the meal. Hence, making a bib project made out of your fabric scraps can be interesting. You can incorporate different fabrics to make it colorful that can somehow make it attractive to your baby’s vision that instigates them to focus on eating with comfort.

 Small Tote Bag

Being able to go out bringing only one thing that contains every essential thing inside is definitely an interesting feat, so much more if it is small. Scarp fabric can actually make such an impact on your life if you are comfortable going out in tote bags.


Your DIY projects can even be accessories you can use in your daily life. Headbands, most especially for babies, can be easy and convenient to make for your scrap fabrics.

Fabric Necklace

Accessories can come in fabric materials, too! The important thing to remember in making this project is the fact that colors should be able to complement each other to ensure harmony in maintaining aesthetics. Luxurious types of scrap fabrics can be a good material to provide better aesthetics.

Cord Keeper

With gadgets around us, we see wires everywhere. It is important to keep these wires organized and well-kept. Making a handmade cord keeper helps you and at the same time make use of your fabric scrap as your resources.

Fabric Scrunchies

Wires are not the only thing that your fabric scraps can keep. With the use of a fabric with exquisite aesthetics or design or even pattern, you can also keep your hair. The thing about scrunchies, though, is that it does not only keep the hair but it can keep a collection of like ballpen or something to have it organized.

Sleep Mask

Scrap fabrics can actually help you sleep now. A sleep mask is an eye mask that could be made with fabric. The preferred type of fabric for a sleep mask is silk to ensure comfort and assure no risks for damages the fabric can do to the eyes or even the skin on your face.

Make it now!

Making use of your waste fabrics would not only help the environment but also you in terms of the usage of productivity as you do these projects, you can also save money as these projects allow availability to its functionality. You can actually make use of your waste fabric to start a business with these do-it-yourself projects. It is just important to highlight choosing the right fabric.

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