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What are five altcoins that can deliver 100X by of 2021(Cryptocurrency Trading) ?

In March 2021, nearly 9,000 cryptocurrencies were active. As per CoinMarketCap, altcoins represented more than 40% of the whole cryptocurrency market in March 2021. Since they have their origin from Bitcoin, price progressions of altcoins emulate Bitcoin’s price trend.

In any case, the certified cryptocurrency expert says the development of cryptocurrency trading domains and the growth of new markets for altcoins will make their price trends separate from that of Bitcoin.

Most altcoins are attempting to focus on any possible downsides of Bitcoin and concoct upper hands in more recent versions. From numerous points of view, altcoins outperform Bitcoin.

The CEO and co-founder of Mudrex said the altcoins prominence is decreasing the potency of Bitcoin, whose market capitalization value was presently at 45% of the entire crypto market cap. Also, with the emergence of altcoins, the cryptocurrency certification consortium offering courses for various cryptocurrencies is experiencing a rise in its customers. 

Let us learn about altcoins and take a look at the five altcoins (Cryptocurrency Trading) that can deliver 100X by the end of 2021:

Take of contents:

  • What are altcoins?
  • Shadows (DOWS)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Polkamarkets (POLK)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Harmony (ONE)
  • Closing Thoughts

What are altcoins?

Altcoins refer to all cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin. They share qualities with Bitcoin but, on the other hand, are not precisely the same. For instance, most altcoins utilize an alternate consensus component to create blocks or approve exchanges. Also, they separate themselves from Bitcoin by giving unique or supplementary capacities, for example, low-value instability or smart contracts.

Altcoins are more Developed forms of Bitcoin because they want to eliminate the cryptocurrency’s inadequacies. Altcoins like stablecoins might conceivably assure Bitcoin’s core purpose of being a medium for faster everyday cryptocurrency trading.

Like ETH or Ether and XRP, certain altcoins effectively acquire a foothold among standard organizations, fetching high valuations. Investors can browse a wide assortment of altcoins that conduct various processes in the crypto ecosystem.

Here are the top 5 altcoins with a potential to deliver 100X by the end of 2021:

  • Shadows (DOWS)

It is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance platform based on Substrate. DOWS supports the worth of such synthetic assets, and till the time smart contracts store the DOWS, the platform can issue synthetic assets. It is attempting to do the same as Synthetics does for the Polkadot environment.

As per robust certified cryptocurrency expert, this will be a principal project on Initial DEX offering or IDO platform Ignition on PAID Network. However, unfortunately, it isn’t inexpensive to get an assurance on the sale, yet you will be able to get it sooner or later after its sale on Uni swap. 

  • Ethereum (ETH)

Another Bitcoin alternative on this list is Ethereum. It is a decentralized software platform that empowers the formulation of decentralized applications and smart contracts and runs them without rest, misrepresentation, control, or obstruction from a third party.

The objective of Ethereum is to make a decentralized set-up of financial items that anybody on the planet can uninhibitedly have access to, paying little mind to identity, faith, or nationality. This quality is more appealing for those in certain nations where there is no state infrastructure. This is so because they can gain admittance to loans, accounts, insurance, and many different financial aids.


The applications of this platform run on Ether, its inherent crypto token. In 2016 Ethereum split into ETC ( Ethereum Classic ) and ETH (Ethereum). According to data estimated as of January 2021, ETH retains a market cap of 138.3 billion dollars and a value per token worth of 1,218.59 dollars. Experts are showing faith in Ethereum based cryptocurrency trading.

  • Polkamarkets (POLK)

You can deem PolkaMarkets as a DeFi-enabled prediction market. It is created for cross-chain data trading and exchange. In the decentralized and interoperable platform of Polkamarkets, users take responsibility for the consequences of real-world events.

Polkamarkets intends to address the critical issues with overall prediction markets, for example, lack of traders, lack of liquidity and needs, and fake or complicated markets.

It plans to achieve this by rewarding liquidity traders and providers to promote them to take significant roles. At the same time, this system will ensure profitable and reliable markets. 

In addition to this, the Polkamarktes platform will also be leveraging tried and tested Decentralized finance methods like yield farming and liquidity mining to streamline everyday active usage.

  • Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is known as an Ouroboros proof-of-stake cryptographic coin. A team of engineers, certified cryptocurrency experts, and mathematicians prioritize a research-oriented approach to create Cardano.

Charles Hoskinson is the co-founder of this project who is also one of the five core founding partners of Ethereum Blockchain. 

Cardano strives to become the top financial operating system globally by creating decentralized financial commodities identical to Ethereum. In addition, it plans to provide solutions for voter fraud, chain interoperability, legal contract tracking, and many other things. Cardano retains a market capitalization of 9.8 billion dollars and a per token value of 0.31 dollars, as per January 2021 data.

  • Harmony (ONE)

Stephen Tse introduced harmony in 2017. Since then, its popularity is only increasing. It is a Blockchain platform that supports the formulation and implementation of decentralized applications. 

This platform is well known as a sharding protocol that scales ethereum based decentralized applications without compromising security and decentralization.

Its sharding protocol divides transaction processings among different, minor groups of nodes to enhance network momentum. This bitcoin alternative has a maximum supply of 12.6 billion tokens, alongside already circulating 9.5 billion tokens in the market. Its market cap value is 650 million dollars.


With the mass adoption of Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies known as altcoins are also making their mark in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency market. Moreover, many offer better services and applications than Bitcoin, making them a promising alternative investment source for crypto investors. However, just like Bitcoin investment, you must be careful while choosing any of the altcoin investments. Take the help of a certified cryptocurrency expert or visit a cryptocurrency certification consortium to gain better knowledge on crypto investment. 

Want to learn critical aspects of cryptocurrency and Blockchain? Connect to the BLOCKCHAIN COUNCIL and enroll in various certification programs here.



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