Desert Safari Dubai – A Beautiful Experience of Middle East

If you ever come across the United Arab Emirates, must explore the Arabian beauty of the opened desert. Many people come across different countries in the world just only to experience Arabian beauty. I’m one of them, as I didn’t experience this before. But I heard so much that people get to admire these stunning things via desert safari Dubai. Which is a 4 or 6 or 18 hours tour and let them experience as per the desire of the people. For example, if someone loves to spend the night in the Arabian desert, he/she can take an overnight tour package. If someone desires to admire all the main beauties and maintain his/her budget at the same time. So he/she can take the evening tour package. Which I selected when I went to Dubai for my business trip, will tell you in detail. If some love sunrise, then he/she can go morning tour package which lasts for 4 hours.

So when I visited Dubai, I had a limited budget since I travelled through my savings. The good thing is that you will find many best tour operators. Such as Happy Adventures Tourism LLC are the best tour operating and trustworthy company. They provide high-quality tours at very cheap rates. Which helped me a lot to make my holidays in UAE. Since I travelled with my friends or office colleagues.

We stayed in the 3-star hotel, we made pre-booking online and took an evening desert safari package. Since we explored that tour in a group, so we were provided with a 40% discount. So long story short, we chose a basic package worth 55 AED per head. Where Happy Adventures Tourism LLC provided us pick and drop off service as well. Since they gave us a time of 2:30 PM, where the driver came to pick us at 2:35 PM. So let’s check the highlights of the tour.

Desert Safari Dubai – Amazing High lights

The car picked us from standard location points in Deira Dubai, where the driver of Happy Adventures Tourism took us to the desert meeting point. Where the beautiful Bedouin camp was organized. At start, we did not enter the Bedouin camp. They asked us to enjoy all these adventurous and thrilling rides such as dune bashing, camel ride, horse ride, falcon photography and ATV Quad bike. However, some were free r included in our package and some were paid. The paid ones were ATV Quad Bike, Horse ride and Falcon photography. So let’s discuss each thrilling activity one by one.

1. Dune Bashing on High Golden Dunes:

Let you guys know, dune bashing is best known for the heart of desert safari Dubai. Where the name of the tour represents the dune bashing. Since when I experienced that ride first time, it scared the hell out of me. That ride is like a rollercoaster on the Arabian dunes. Where the driver, who performed this activity should be professional and he must have a licence to perform this adventurous activity. Other Dubai officials will charge a fine to break the rules.

Anyhow, we enjoyed about 20-25 minutes of dune bashing we the driver drover 4X4 Land Cruiser right left up down on the wide dunes.  On the other hand to ensures our safety that car came up with the complete roll cage covers, insurance and other safety features. In one Land Cruiser, we four friends easily sat in one car.

2. Sandboarding:

Sandboarding is also an amazing mixture of exciting and thrilling sand activities. Which tastes your balancing skills. Where Happy Desert Safari provided us skateboards and this activity had no limits.

3. Camel Ride:

Whenever you come across UAE, you will find Camels everywhere. Since people call them the ship of the desert maybe this is one of the reasons. Happy Adventures let us to enjoy 2 rounds on a Camel. However, the Camel ride was free that came in our basic evening package.

4. ATV Quad Bike:

ATV Quad bike was not included, however, we experienced it by paying 20 AED extra. But let you guys know riding an ATV bike was fun. That experience came by providing us with experts training on board and safety kits. Such as helmets, gloves, knee pads and elbow pads.

5. Unlimited Refreshments and Beverages:

We tired as hell after experiencing all these sand activities in the Hot weather. There was a complete setup of unlimited tea, coffee, cold drinks, mineral waters and veg snacks. We ate these goodies at the Bedouin camp. Which gave an instant feel of Arabic Culture. Happy Tourism decorated their camp with a pure Arabic theme, such as cushions and carpets.

6. Live Entertainment Shows:

After 15-20 minutes of settling down, the live entertainment shows brought the fun of entertainment. Where one by one Belly dance, Tanoura dance and thrilling fire shows were performed by professional artists to entertain the audience.

7. BBQ Buffet Dinner:

At 8 PM, after the live entertainment shows the BBQ buffet dinner had started. Where the veg dishes were available at the Bedouin camp and the non-vegetarian or BBQ setup was available outside. The food was super tasty and was available with a wide range of options. Along with this delicious buffet, there was a giant salad bar and varieties of sweets or desserts

After the dinner, Happy Adventures Tourism LLC dropped us on time with a sweet goodbye. No doubt they had a friendly and well-mannered staff. I would like to thanks Happy Tourism to make my 6-hours memorable.


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