Different Type of Tray and Coaster Set For Your Dining Table

Both wooden trays and coaster sets are unique accessories that enhance the aesthetic value of your dining table. The wooden tray is a flat container and is used to carry food and drink from one place to another and is made up of wood. The coaster set protects your aesthetic table from unwanted scratches and stains that are caused by the water droplets formed from the surface of the cups and made up of wood, bamboo, and glass. Nowadays, people are highly attracted towards the hand-crafted and uniquely designed wooden tray and coaster set and looking for a place to buy them

Being a good piece of decor, both are aesthetics and functionality there are varieties of wooden trays and coaster sets available in different materials at Zinger Art

Different types of Coaster Set

1- Wooden Coasters

The appearance of the wooden coaster complements the decorative style of your dining table. To seek attention towards the dining table, there are a variety of wooden coasters available made up of teak wood, Mango wood, and Sheesham wood. These coaster sets are usually handcrafted to give you an exquisite feel. This coaster is available in a unique design to ensure a peaceful connection with you and our heritage. 

2- Marble Coaster

Marble Coasters are handcrafted, come in different textures, natural patterns and streaks. It is an excellent choice for your tableware. These coasters are uniquely carved into floral patterns. The appearance of the marble coaster enhanced the aesthetic value of your dining table. 

3- Ceramic Coaster

Ceramic coaster with traditional prints enhances the look of your dining table. These handcrafted ceramic coasters will bring out the lavish after it is glazed and ideal for home with traditional design. 

4- Terracotta Coaster

You can opt for handcrafted terracotta coaster sets as they are durable and sturdy. They are made of unglazed and clay-based ceramic materials. These handcrafted terracotta coasters are available in beautiful floral patterns with a natural glazed finish. 

Different Types Of Wooden Tray

There are many different types of wooden trays that are available in different sizes and designs. Some wooden trays are styled to serve as a single item like cheese while others are used for breakfast trays and designed to carry an entire meal. 

Wooden trays are made up of different types of wood. The traditional trays are made from hardwood like walnut and cherry. Contemporary trays are made of bamboo or teak. The style of the shape can vary from simple flat board to lipped handle tray. 

Board style tray is used for sanitary purposes like serving items on a buffet or coffee table. 

The ending note

So what are you waiting for? Get the best wooden tray and coaster set to enhance the aesthetic value of your dining table. You’ll find these items in the market available at different prices or you can buy online from Zinger Art. These items are mostly handcrafted or machine-made.  Try these wooden trays and coaster sets to enhance the look of your dining table. 

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